Cooperation between OKA and SAMULAŞ

Cooperation between OKA and Samulaş: SAMULAŞ (OKA) Technical Support Program (6. Period) within the scope of "SAMULAŞ 's Technical Staff Capacity to Increase the Project" was decided to be supported by OKA.
SAMULAŞ Board Member Kadir Gürkan and the General Secretary of OKA, Mevlüt Özen, will provide 40 personnel working in SAMULAŞ with theoretical and application-based trainings during 25 days. It was stated that the cooperation between the two institutions aimed to make the people of Samsun more efficient and effective than the public transportation services.
Since 2010, SAMULAŞ has been providing public transportation services to Samsun people with its light rail and rubber wheeled vehicles. With the support of OKA, with the aim of increasing the service quality of transportation and providing uninterrupted service, it is aimed to eliminate all negativities that can be experienced by technical intervention in the institution.
Within the scope of technical support; overhead line maintenance team, signaling maintenance team, cable car maintenance team, mechanical maintenance team, electrical maintenance team, warehouse and logistics and line and facilities maintenance personnel, including a technical team consisting of 40 people, Working and Rescue at Height, Lifting Machines (Ceiling Crane and Forklift), Electric Arc Welding n will be given theoretical and practical training. It is aimed that the technical personnel who take part in the training will gain competence in technical works, improve themselves in the sense of occupational health and technique, and the possible service accidents will be minimized and the service provided will continue uninterruptedly.
Providing information on the subject, SAMULAŞ Board Member Kadir Gürkan said, “The cooperation between the Central Black Sea Development Agency and SAMULAŞ continues during the preparation of the SAMULAŞ Strategic Plan. Within the scope of this study, Agency experts are expected to provide consultancy to SAMULAŞ management. The work in the planning phase will start shortly and will be carried out within the framework of a protocol signed between the institutions. In the process of work, business processes and organizational structure will be analyzed, as well as researches such as employee and customer satisfaction, and as a result of all these studies, SAMULAS 'vision and its sub-goals will be determined to achieve this vision. ”


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