Metro line works continue to Esenboğa Airport

Esenboğa Airport continues to work on the underground line: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan, Ankara Esenboga Airport said that an additional runway will be done. Elvan noted that there were works on the construction of a metro line from the airport to the center of Ankara. Eden I will add an additional runway to Esenboğa Airport belonging to Ankara. Therefore, Esenboğa Airport will be in a more comfortable position. In the meantime, let me also say, especially those from the North and from the East. Those coming from the direction of Çankırı and from Kastamonu, who want to go to the airport and go to Istanbul, those who want to go to the Kazan side normally use the inner city roads or use the ring road. But we have a thought; especially from Esenboğa Airport, we are thinking of a direct line to Kazan. Because this line will both relax the traffic of Ankara and the passengers arriving there will be able to transfer directly to Ankara line without entering the traffic of Ankara. From the airport, we built a metro line to the center of Ankara, we did the project work of it, we were working on the route, rather we have two different routes and we will choose one of them. Hava



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