Minister Elvan gave information about projects to ease traffic

Minister Elvan gave information about projects that will relieve traffic: Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan announced that they are speeding up projects that will ease the traffic problem, especially in Istanbul. Elvan informed that the 3rd bridge is advancing rapidly, that the Eurasia Bosphorus Tube Crossing Project is 950 meters and that many highway projects are ongoing, and explained the developments and new projects aimed at relieving the traffic problem on the roads, especially during the holidays.

Do you consider special projects for Istanbul's entry and exit during the holidays? How will you relieve the traffic?
There will be ongoing highway projects. We have a highway project starting from Tekirdağ Kınalı and ending in Istanbul Odayeri. We also have a project in Istanbul starting from Kurtköy and ending in Sakarya Akyazi. This is really important. It is a continuation of the North Marmara highway. Both the E5 and the motorway are particularly busy. Especially in the holidays, the entrance to Istanbul will be an alternative to it. This will pass east of the existing highway. This highway will go down to Sakarya Akyazi.

We also have a new project for the Çanakkale pass. This will be particularly want to go into Turkey and a road infrastructure that will enable them to reach without a car Istanbul directly engaged in the transport to Europe. Especially, the route of Bursa and the Aegean region to Europe on transportation will continue to Kapıkule without stopping over Istanbul via Çanakkale.

Another important project is the Istanbul-Izmir Highway Project. We are making a perfect bridge in the Gulf passage. In December 2014 we will have completed the towers of the Gulf passage and the bridge's feet. The highway will be completed by 2015 from Istanbul to Bursa. At the end of the 2015, our citizens will be able to travel from Istanbul to Bursa. It will relax Istanbul. İzmir's connection with Istanbul is a very important project for strengthening.

It will be connected to Izmir via Manisa.
The ongoing 252 meter tower height, the 35.9 meter middle span with 1550 meter table width and the total 2 bin 682 meter height will be the 4 ranks among the world's largest mid span suspension bridges. The length of the bridge tower feet reached 143 meters. 10 meter progress is achieved per week. In March 2015 the bridge is planned to be completed.

Is there a problem with the new airport project in Istanbul?
The new airport will be built on an area of ​​approximately 76.5 million square meters in the Black Sea coastline between Yeniköy and Akpınar settlements on the European side of Istanbul. This area was determined by the ecological balance of the region, wind data and natural / artificial mania status determinations. Ground investigation and drilling works are going on by the contractor.

New bill on the way to the high bill

Mobile phone subscribers often complain about the technological complexity of the talk time and the data they are using to follow the size of the problem, so the high-bill to the problem of encounter with the Ministry. Minister Lutfi Elvan explained the arrangement they made:

K With the new arrangement, operators will give subscribers clear information about the expiry date and time of the additional packages. We receive a large number of complaints due to the uncertainty of the use of additional packages. Information messages sent from operators include vague expressions such as 'monthly, monthly' regarding the validity period of the packages. Exactly what date and at what time to end is not a problem. With the arrangement, operators will explicitly notify the subscriber of the expiration date and time of the additional packages. Düzen

'Cross-regional transition'

Do you have any transportation projects to relieve Turkey interregional migration in general?
We have divided road works that will connect the Black Sea to the GAP. Rize-Erzurum - Bingöl - Diyarbakır - Mardin Road is one of the important arteries connecting the Black Sea to the GAP. 527 km. 249 km is completed. Another important project is the Ovit Tunnel. Within the project 14.3 km. Ovit Tunnel (double tube) and 3 km. connection paths. With the completion of the Ovit Tunnel the route is 5 km. will be shortened and 5-6 month of the year will be uninterrupted access to the road will be provided. As of the beginning of October, the 12 meter 247 meter 28.4 physical progress was achieved in the left and right tubes. We're going to relax the cross-regional transition.

Special projects for touristic places

What do you do for the touristic places, especially from the inside, where local tourists have a great interest?
Antalya North Ring Road Project Total 50 kilometers. 37 km. North East Ring Road project works have been completed. 13 km. Project works of the North West Ring Road are being continued.

There is also Mediterranean Coast Road Project. Mersin-Antalya road route 438 km. The project of this road is present and it has been tendered in separate sections. 368.5 km was completed and opened to traffic. Work continues on the remaining 69.5 km.

We continue our projects for İzmir. Infrastructure works are ongoing in Ankara-Izmir YHT Project.

5 thousand people riding on the fast train per day

What's the latest in high-speed train work?
Around 5 thousands of citizens benefit every day. 100 percent goes full. from Pendik HalkalıIntensive work is done in the section up to. 2015 aim to complete at the end. In the absence of distress by the contractor. Occasionally there may be problems caused by the contractor. I don't see a problem. 2015 will grow to the end.


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