Night alley in the suburban train line in Xinjiang-Kayash

Nightlife on the Sincan-Kayaş suburban train line: The Sincan-Kayaş suburban train line turned into a garbage dump due to the wastes left on the rails, alcohol and drugs at night. Citizens living around the line wanted the rails to be cleaned and the entrance to the train track to be blocked.

In recent years, all stations were built to upgrade to the subway standards, the lower and overpasses were built, and the additional rails were added to the Sincan ler Kayaş suburban train line rails, alcohol and drug users were acquired by. Citizens residing in the vicinity of Cebeci and Kurtulus Stations on the line claim that, on rails that remain unchecked at night, alcohol and drugs are used. Indicating that the railway station in the railway station is full of garbage, the rails that prevent entry into the fence long holes have been found, he said.


The residents of the suburban line during the night, alcohol and drug addicts stated that the residents said:
Uz We are particularly afraid to walk around the rails at night. If one of the households will arrive late, several people will leave and return to a more crowded place. The alcohol bottles left from the nightlife are left on the rails. In Turkey's capital to meet with such a view it was not very nice. "


Wine and beer bottles scattered around the rails, discarded PET bottles, newspapers, plastic buckets, train tickets, shopping bags and clothes returned to the dumpster because of the passengers, rails between the glass bottles, said they feared to create danger to trains. A passenger who used the train every day asked for the necessary inspections on the line and the rails to be cleaned.

The fences weren't repaired

The residents of Kurtuluş and Cebeci Stations stated that the fences, which provide the safety of the rails, were cut at different points. Sağlayan People using alcohol and drugs enter these holes. Wires have been drilled for a long time but no repair work was carried out in the area. T

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