Going from Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge

The transition from Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge was announced: Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which will end at 2016, will reduce the 70 minute route to 6 minutes.
The construction of the 'izmit Korfez Crossing Bridge', which is being constructed within the scope of the motorway project which will reduce the way between Istanbul and Izmir to 3,5 hours, has exceeded the 120 meters. The 2 bin 682 bridge will be launched at 2016.
3 and 3 arrivals and 6 lanes as a service lane and the towers of the planned bridge will reach 252 meters by the end of this year and it will be learned that the rope towing works will begin. Izmit Gulf Transition Bridge, which currently works with 1350 people on the construction site, will be completed by placing 2015 yacht and finally by carrying carrier platforms.
Currently 70 minutes to the Gulf, 1 hours with the ferry, the transition period will be reduced to 6 minutes. Passage from the bridge price 41.3 dollars (95 lira) will be.
Although this price is high, it is not that expensive in comparison with the world. For example, the 8 euro per vehicle crosses the approximately 40-kilometer Oresund Bridge in Denmark, the world's most expensive bridge. In England, Canada and Greece, the situation is no different. The cheapest in China again. Here are the most important bridges and tolls connecting the world;
The UK is relatively economic yet comparable to other countries on bridge tolls. From Severn Bridge, which connects Gloucestershire and Bristol, cars can drive 10 dollars and buses can pass to 27 dollars. The length of the bridge is 1.6 kilometers.
The Huangpu Bridge on the Huangpu River has a length of 423 meters. 150 thousand vehicles pass the bridge on the day, but the price is far below the similar ones in the world. Only 1 dollars are taken from the cars.
7.8 is the most expensive bridge in the world. Cars 40 to the euro, travel buses 200 can use the bridge to the euro. The 17 bin vehicle uses this bridge. Denmark's second expensive bridge, The West Bridge is 31 for cars, and 140 for buses.
Canada is one of the countries where transit prices are expensive. The 12.9-long Confection Bridge connects Prince Edward Island with Canada. 4 a thousand vehicles crossing the bridge over the 43 dollars.
The Rio ler Antirrio, which connects the neighboring cities of Greece, Peloponnese and Antirion, is one of the relatively expensive bridges. A little longer than half a mile from the bridge for cars 13 euro, while buses 60 euro is taken.
Europe's cheapest to pass through the bridge between the Millau Viaduct to pass the cars 6 pays euro. The 2.4 20 is using a XNUMX thousand vehicle a day long bridge.

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