Manisada train crash 1 dead

Mania train crash 1 dead: Pillars stuck on the train tracks 21-year-old Erkan şakacılar, died as a result of the train crash.

21-year-old Erkan Şakacılar, who allegedly fell on the train tracks in Manisa Şehzadeler District, died as a result of the train crash.

Balıkesir-İzmir passenger train number 75602, which goes from Manisa to İzmir, hit one person. Despite the braking of the train, he was able to stop 200 meters from the accident site.

The train's mechanics and the surrounding citizens reported to the health and police teams. Medical teams on the notice, in the examination of his tragic death of the person who lost the tragedy determined.

While the police teams determined that the person who died was 21-year-old Erkan Şakacılar, according to the testimony of the eyewitnesses, it was alleged that the Şakacılar's foot fell on the rails.

The body of the Şakacılar, who was learned to be unemployed after the investigation, was removed to the morgue of Manisa State Hospital.

While the Balıkesir-İzmir train had to wait about half an hour, the passengers got off the train and waited for the examination to be completed. In the first testimony of his train to the police, it was learned that the Şakacılar said that he suddenly fell in front of the train and pressed the brake to avoid crashing.

The police started a study on the possibility that Erkan Şakacılar may have committed suicide.

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