Czech-China Joint Venture will produce low-based tram in China

Czech-China Joint Venture to produce low-floor trams in China: State-owned China Railway Signal & Communication Corp (66%), Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Group Corp (XIngtan Power Generation Group Corporation) (17% ) and the Czech firm Inekon Group (17%) to form a joint venture to establish the Tong Hao Railway Vehicle Corp (Tong Hao Railway Vehicle Company). This joint venture will produce low floor trams.
In Changsha, a factory with the capacity to assemble 500 tram cars annually was established.

Considering the low cost rates and sales potential in China, Inecon hopes to look forward to future projects in China.

Superior Plus Tram, the first tram prototype being produced. It will be produced using 34 m length and 100 low base vehicle basically Chinese products, but the doors, air conditioning and electronic systems will come from the Czech Republic. Inecon will be responsible for preparing the documentation and controlling the production process. Company 2014 is finally planning to enter tenders.

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