Trabzon-Erzincan Railway is dreaming?

Is Trabzon-Erzincan Railway a dream? Nurettin Özgenç, Chairman of the Small and Medium Enterprises Association (KOBİDER), is experiencing the joy of high-speed trains in Istanbul. the world's 8th Turkey, Europe's 6th the joy of being a high-speed train country is proud. Prime Minister Erdogan stated that today they not only enjoy the joy of the high-speed train line, but also connect the capitals with iron networks.

The last 12 has launched important projects in land, sea and air transportation for years, and a period of breakthrough in railway transportation has been initiated. Railroads that were left to their destiny for years and not invested have come to life again during the AK Party rule.

The Electronic News Agency (e-ha) reported that a significant amount of resources were allocated to railways. Important projects have been implemented in order to increase the share of railways in transportation. Turkey, formerly met unimagined speed train. In addition to high-speed railway construction projects, the company continues to build fast and conventional railroads intensively.

Erdogan; Emphasizing that the spiritual architects of Anatolia and their spaces are getting closer, he said, "Today is the day when Aziz Mahmut Hüdai and Yunus Emre, Nasreddin Hodja, Mevlana, Hacı Bayram Veli and Gazi meet at work in Üsküdar." .

We also say; Our city of Trabzon, which was conquered by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, where Suleiman the Magnificent was born, and Yavuz Sultan Selim served as governor, should also take advantage of the railway facilities required by the age. And he should bring together Ahi Evren Dede, one of the spiritual architects of Trabzon, and the people of Sufism, Haçkalı Baba, with Hacı Bayram Veli and Aziz Mahmut Hüdai.


The high-speed train is the dream of the ancestor. We are aware that some cities are now a transportation city and we could not imagine a high-speed train. The high-speed train has been an excellent work on behalf of our country. Turkey has exceptional lead times in rail transport.

High-speed train projects as well as high-speed train projects are also going on. The tender for the first phase of the Sivas-Erzincan High Speed ​​Railway Project was completed.

Bilecik-Bursa, Ankara-Izmir, Ankara-Sivas high-speed rail and Konya-Karaman, Sivas-Erzincan high-speed rail lines in the short-term, almost half of the country's population live in the 17 high-speed rail network will be connected with each other.

Konya-Karaman-Ulukışla-Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep High Speed ​​Train Project in Konya-Karaman and Adana-Gaziantep construction works between the construction works in other departments continues.

Emphasizing that the railways will reach 14 metropolitan cities, Prime Minister Erdoğan continued as follows: “Our services will continue uninterruptedly. Eskişehir, Konya is ok, now Bilecik, Sakarya, Kocaeli and Istanbul are also ok. Next is Bursa, next is the Ankara-Kırıkkale-Yozgat-Sivas line. We extend this line to Erzincan and Erzurum. In addition, there is Ankara-Afyon-Uşak-Manisa-İzmir YHT line. All of these are under construction. When we complete these projects, we will connect our Istanbul to 17 provinces with the comfort of YHT.

In this context, he gave Bursa the good news of high speed train. "I hope the high-speed train is coming to Denizli, we have started the work of Antalya and Denizli high-speed train project," he said. He also promised a high speed train to Şanlıurfa.

“We decided to connect Şanlıurfa to Ankara, Istanbul, Karaman and Gaziantep by high speed train. I hope our project is ready and we will start this work in the coming period ”. but did not mention the Trabzon - Erzincan Railway Project in detail.


With the high-speed and high-speed railway projects completed and under construction, the fact that daily travel between cities can be made, cities become almost each other's suburbs. We are aware of the importance given to railways. However, due to the understanding of 'starting work is half of the completion' of the "Trabzon-Erzincan Railway Project", which is one of the most important projects that will affect the future of the Eastern Black Sea Region, the first rail welding could not be made yet.

Despite the fact that the feasibility studies of the Trabzon-Erzincan Railway Project are over and the project will be announced soon, there is no visible progress.

With the application dated 22/03/2014 and numbered 107720, we asked the following questions to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, which is the most competent authority regarding the stage of the "Trabzon-Erzincan Railway Project", which is announced to be made by the government officials;

  • Is there such a project?
  • When will it take place?
  • At which stage is the Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Tirebolu-Trabzon Railway Line Project planned to be constructed?

In the e-mail received from ​​on 3 to the official application we made in 16.04.2014 items in the form of “…… .Trabzon-Tirebolu-Gümüşhane-Erzincan-Diyarbakır 630 km. a long railway line is planned. Work on the implementation projects of the line continues. " An abstract answer was given. However, no concrete answer has been given as to when it will be carried out and at what stage!

When we could not get a clear answer to our questions about the project, which is of great importance for the Eastern Black Sea region, this time we applied to the Prime Ministry Information Acquisition Assessment Board (BEDK) and the Prime Ministry Communication Center (BIMER) with the number 27.06.2014, dated 487789, but this application has also so far. There was no answer.


The socio-economic value of Trabzon, which is one of the leading cities of our country in terms of both population and added value, will increase with the connection of the railway network. In this context, the reflection of science, method and rational thinking, the symbol of modernism, is the most appropriate and effective railway in terms of service quality of passenger and freight transportation, which is indispensable for Trabzon and surrounding provinces.


For the realization of the Trabzon-Erzincan railway project, a public reflex should be formed. In order for the Trabzon-Erzincan railway project to come to the construction phase, the determination must continue as it is. It should be emphasized that this project is indispensable for Trabzon by creating a wide public opinion and it should be ensured that every segment includes the railway project in their future programs. The payment should be included in the budget so that the construction tender can be made as soon as possible. The Trabzon public should also say this as a follower of the railway issue. Trabzon-Gümüşhane-Erzincan Railway, which is one of the most important projects that will affect the future of Trabzon and the region, should be implemented as soon as possible.

Railways are indispensable for the Eastern Black Sea region. Railways is Turkey's problem is the most important duty of the government. Our nation has made its choice and is urgently awaiting the realization of the Trabzon-Erzincan Railway Project by asking the political government, which has brought the chosen will to power, to keep their word. As KOBİDER, our aim is to bring this issue to the agenda, to keep the railway demand alive and to include it in its process.

We have all heard of great pride and happiness that implement giant projects in the transport sector in Turkey. We congratulate our managers and their team for these beautiful projects.

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