The Importance Of The Railway For The Black Sea | Black Sea Railway

The Importance Of The Railway For The Black Sea | Black Sea Railway
The new ways for the peace and happiness of humanity and science will be in the best interest of mankind if they make new discoveries. Today, the point reached by civilization is usually the result of these studies. Transportation is of great importance for people. The presence of motor vehicles facilitated access. The presence of steam engines and the use of this railway track train have greatly facilitated access. Comfortable, fast and safe. In the beginning of the century, railroads were built in many parts of the world. Then, the presence and use of diesel engines instead of steam locomotives increased speed. In the most difficult conditions, tunnels were dug, bridges were built, because of the importance of the railway.
In the last period of the Ottoman state collapsed a thousand problems, the railway movement was not outside. It's a very difficult conditions in the rail rather than Hijaz railway ulaştı.anadolul ulaştı.kurtuluş very yararlanıldı.savaş established as a result of the war years railways in the new state of the Republic of Turkey was open to all innovations in contemporary devletti.dünya. It is almost as if excavators were excavated with a spoon, and with dignity we said, ıkla FOUR PRESIDENTIAL WITH RAILS ki. The achievements in the railway field were honored in many areas, while three successes were surrounded by the seas. This was a great possibility for transportation. The railroads would reach the remotest corner when the new ports were built. That's what happened.
Until the 1950, these works continued with great excitement and speed. What is the pain after the fifties stopped the railway move. The highway was given weight. On the other hand, the highway is the most expensive and the most dangerous route in the world. However, the problem of traffic to solve the problem came to a more complicated situation. Every year we gave thousands of lives to the highway.
There has been a gratifying development in recent years. Railways are on the agenda. Fast train and convenient railroad. Especially the Black Sea railway has been neglected. The railway, which reached Samsun in the 1930s until Wednesday, remained there for years. The railway there was also closed to operation in recent years. In those years, however, Great Atatürk ordered the Samsun-Hopa railway to be connected as soon as possible, but this order was not followed for years. The coastal road was built with large numbers that cannot be written. What happened ? Has the transportation problem been solved? Look, on this road that lies on the coast, vehicles are transported by trucks from the sea, boats can be transported by land. However, a railway line could be built much cheaper than this way, and although there are suitable ports along the coast, the sea route does not work. However, while the highway burns the billions and trillions of fuel imported, there is no security of life and property. The sea road and railroad are much safer and more economical. This fact has now been seen. Now it is said whether the railway should be connected via Erzincan or via Samsun. I think the railway should definitely be connected from the coast, and if necessary, it should be connected to Inner Anatolia from the most suitable place. There have been serious efforts in recent years. We wish the interest of Trabzon Governorship to the subject gives a result For years, I have also longed for the railway. The railway is both safe and economical. If it connects with Sinop from Samsun, you can go back and forth on the same day. I have always said that the Black Sea coast is like a long street of a big city. Provinces and cities seem to be united. While naturally uniting, it is already culturally united.
Railway is of great importance for our city and provinces. Tourism will also improve the tourism in the healthiest way. It will spend a lot of fuel, there will be less traffic accidents and people will be more comfortable and happy. The railway will be a great service for our province, for our region and for all humanity.
I wish not to. Those who will pay close attention to the subject will be remembered with gratitude in the future. We expect very good news as soon as possible.

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