Syrian Plate Vehicles Supervised

Syrian Plate Vehicles Supervised: Police teams in Kahramanmaras, Syria has increased control over vehicles with plates.
Upon the complaints received by the Police Department, the Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate teams of the Kahramanmaraş Police Department, which formed an application point at the Gaziantep highway Industry intersection, stopped the cars with Syrian license plates and checked the documents. Within the scope of the inspection, the teams asked Syrian drivers for a passport, traffic registration certificate and compulsory financial insurance policy. The teams warned the drivers to wear seat belts and took legal action against vehicles with missing documents.
In the past days, it was reported from the Kahramanmaraş Governorship that the vehicles with foreign license plates used by expatriates and Syrian refugees who came to the city to spend the summer vacation will be subject to strict control. In the written statement made by the Governorship: “Within the scope of the inspections, it will be checked whether the original and translation of the traffic and registration certificate belonging to the vehicle, whether there is a Compulsory Liability Insurance, and if there are missing documents, the vehicles will be banned from traffic. In addition, it will be checked whether the driver who manages and manages the vehicle is the owner of the vehicle or his deputy, his wife and the method (mother, father, grandfather) or füruu (children and grandchildren).
During the control of the drivers, the translated driver's license of the vehicle driver will be checked, if there are no documents, the vehicle will be banned from traffic, and also their Passports and Double Foreign Identification Cards will be checked. If these vehicle drivers violate the relevant articles of the Highways Traffic Law, penalties will be applied, and if the owner of the parked Syrian license plate does not come to the place where the administrative sanction is applied, the vehicle will be banned from traffic for security purposes.
Traffic teams will intervene in all kinds of negative behaviors that will affect the traffic safety of the vehicles used by Syrian citizens, in particular, and the safety of other vehicle drivers will be protected. " information was included.

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