The Biggest Punishment to Those Who Make a Window Film for Cars

Great Penalty for Those Who Make Window Film on Cars: Bad news came from the Police for the fans of modified vehicles. Vehicle owners in 81 provinces will pay 365 lira fines according to the Highway Traffic Law.
Drivers who had their vehicles modified by admiring the smart vehicle Kitt in the legendary series Kara Şimşek, burned. Police will impose penalties on modified vehicles under three separate articles of the Highways Traffic Law. Vehicle drivers will face 365 lira administrative money and 40 driver's license penalty points.
Traffic teams closely followed the modified vehicles across the country. The General Directorate of Security sent written instructions to 81 Provincial Security Offices on modified vehicles. In the article, it was pointed out that the complaints received by the EGM and the inspections carried out from the center in the last days showed that the hoods, exhausts, light equipment and tire sizes of the old model vehicles were modified by making illegal changes.
The instruction emphasized that it was determined that the drivers used their modified vehicles in a way that disturbed the people around them, and said, "It is understood that the drivers violate many traffic rules such as speed, lane tracking and changing and red lights and occasionally cause traffic accidents."
The General Directorate of Security requested that the modified vehicle inspections be continued in a "continuous" manner. 81 Provincial Police were given the following order: For those who made technical changes to their vehicles in violation of the provisions of the Highway Traffic Law No.2918 and the related Regulation, impose a penalty for violating Article 32 of the Law (88 TL administrative fine + 10 driving license penalty points).
Films on the windows of the vehicles again within the scope of the same prohibition. When the police stop such vehicles, they will dismantle the films and cut the penalty.

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