Ergan Mountain Ski Resort is Preparing for the Season

Ergan Mountain Ski Center is Preparing for the Season: Erzincan Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir, Ergan Mountain Ski Center in the ongoing ongoing construction of the current state of the preparations for the preparation of the ski season and the authorities to examine the Ergan Mountain Ski Resort found the inspections. Deputy Governor Fatih Kaya and the relevant authorities attended the inspection of the walk band, the area planned to be snowpark, 2. Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir, who carried out investigations on the construction of the day and construction of landscaping facilities, stated that the summer season should be evaluated in terms of accelerating and completing the works, and he gave instructions to the relevant authorities to complete the planned works and raise them to the season. Study in Culture and Tourism Ministry will be given in the areas of use of appropriations Culture and Tourism Ministry officials along with viewing the Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir, made in a statement, Turkey's longest having the ski slopes Erkan Mountain Ski Center in the new season rapidly noting that the work of the new season bred to express experimental stages etti.açıkl prepared Erzincan extreme sports and extreme sports center stated that the Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir, with the spread of activities throughout the year, and he said it would be in Turkey's Erzincan world's attention.


Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:35

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