Railway services stopped but investment continues

Railway expedition stopped but investment continues: safer and given weight because it is economical rail transport compared to road transport in order to boost exports to the Middle East, Turkey's most important markets, civil war and came to a halt due to the turmoil in the region.

Studies conducted to knit with Turkey's gateway to Southeast Anatolia region is a network of railways is uninterrupted.

AA correspondent, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) According to the information received from the Directorate General of starting trains in 2009. Turkey, Gaziantep İslahiye, Kilis Çobanbey and Mardin Syria from the border gate in Nusaybin, comfortable to businessmen in shipments to Iran and Iraq made you breathe.

Due to the civil war and political turmoil in these countries, the amount of freight carried by train has gradually decreased. Trains, which have not been able to transport cargo to Iraq and Syria for 2 years, continue to carry cargo to Iran.

In the meantime, while the cargoes brought to Mardin Nusaybin station from various lines in the country are loaded on the road vehicles after being received from TCDD officials at the destination and sent to Zaho and Erbil from the Habur Border Gate, it has been reported that this type of transportation has come to a halt, especially in recent months.

  • Countries with numbers

In 2009, 410 thousand 945 tons of cargo was shipped to Syria, where 2010 thousand 222 tons of goods were shipped in 865, 2011 thousand 181 tons in 428, and 2012 thousand 14 tons in 713.

In Iraq, where shipment could not be made due to the increasing internal turmoil in the last 2 years, such as Syria, 2009, 445 thousand 15, 304 thousand 32, 625 thousand 32 tons of goods were shipped in turn with the flights that started in 261.

In Iran, where shipments are still limited in number, 2009 thousand 29 tons in 59, 2010 thousand 19, 29 thousand 2011 in 35, 765 thousand 2012 tons in 65, and 32 thousand 2013 tons in 51, In 602 months of 2014, 8 thousand tons of transportation was made.

  • Investments in progress

TCDD is continuing its efforts and investments in order to meet the demand that will occur after the establishment of the trade infrastructure, partly due to the confusion in the region and the railway transportation which is negatively affected by the civil war.

In this context, ongoing studies in Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Şırnak and Mardin, with an exploration and project cost of 2 billion 282 million 558 thousand TL, are continuing.

2015-2017 51 million 253 thousand pounds spent within the scope of the projects planned to be completed.

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