Relatives Of Those Who Die In Corlu Train Crash Leave Carnation On Train Rail

silence after corlu
silence after corlu

Relatives of those who died in Çorlu Train Accident Left Cloves on the Train Rail: 8 in Tekirdağ Relatives of those who lost their lives in the catastrophic train accident in July 64 left carnations on the day after the accident.

Çorlu, 25 lost the lives of the people who lost their relatives in the train crash and the families of the injured, leaving the carnations on the rails near the crime scene, wanted to punish those responsible. Zeliha Bilgin, who lost her brother and daughter in the accident, said, in We continue to be the followers of the event as the relatives of the dead. Whoever is responsible for the incident should be found, they must definitely take the necessary punishment. Olay

8 July, 25 near the district of Tekirdag, 340 people were killed, 300 injured in the tragedy after the tragedy of the tragedy and some of the injured and their families, families, the scene of the incident was gathered in Sarilar village. Train wreck tractors went to the scene, the villagers who evacuated the wounded, the relatives of the deceased and the wounded thanked. About XNUMX people gathered in Sarilar village could not go to the point where the train accident occurred, because of the rain and because there was no vehicle road from the land. The crowd made a press statement in the village.

Zeliha Bilgin, who lost her brother and 14 old daughter Bihter Bilgin in the accident, read the press statement on behalf of the group. Bilgin said today is his birthday, wanted to be punished for those responsible. Holding the last photo of his daughter on the train, Bilgin said, di I am not going to hold my daughter today. I won't hug my brothers. Who knows how they'd surprise me? The event that took place on 8 July was very full of pain and neglect. 25 was killed and 340 was injured. We continue to be the followers of the event as the relatives of the dead. Whoever is responsible for the incident must find the necessary punishment. We can survive thanks to the drugs we take. We never forget the dead, we will never forget. Today is my birthday. If my daughter and brother had not died in this accident, they would be preparing a birthday surprise. The situation is not so much pain and compensation, Yaş he said.

Those who are neglected in the accident should be punished

Participating in the program CHP Tekirdag deputy Ilhami Ozcan Aygun said that they are followers in the Assembly, said they will continue to work for the people who have negligence in the accident.

After the speeches, the region where the rails passing near the village, the photographs of those who lost their lives were moved. The carnations on the rails were released, relatives of the dead, tears poured. Edirne from Uzunkopru district and Istanbul Halkalıcarnations were also put on the passenger train.

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