Death of woman falling between wagon and platform

Death of the woman falling between the wagon and the platform: Academician Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı'nın 2 years before the death of the rails on the case in the case, the conductor "to cause death by taxpayers" and the delayed 1 11 10 XNUMX XNUMX day of the sentence the reason for the sentence was announced.

Anatolian Justice Palace 30. The reasoned decision of the Criminal Court of First Instance was distributed to lawyers.

In the reasoned decision, the action, "conductor, all of the passengers to complete the landing and boarding to complete the order to move to the machinist and the doors are not fully closed their own private wagon," he said that occurred in the form.

Conductor of the Republic of Turkey, State Railway (TCDD) Regulations loaded at the most important task of the decision highlighted his missing, "gave instructions after riding all of the passenger or have been riding the wagon ride all of the passengers and status differences will occur accident, though meat. Therefore, the accused's action is directly influential in the occurrence of the accident and is a decisive act. Dolayısıyla

The decision, therefore, the accused conductor Süleyman Uğur Özkoç'un "defect" in the formation of the accident was understood to be recorded.

In the decision that the system that prevents the movement of the train from closing before the doors of the wagons are closed or not working in a healthy way, it is stated that the movement of the train without closing the doors is contrary to the standards.

The distance between the train and the door step and the bay quay was measured in excess of what should have been required by the General Directorate of TCDD and the reasoned decision included the following statements:

Iştir TCDD was flawed due to the fact that this issue was inadmissible according to international standards and TCDD was contrary to its own standards. The fact that these shortcomings are directly effective and defining deficiencies in the formation of the boiler and that the accident will not occur even in the absence of any of the deficiencies is clearly stated in the expert reports and accepted by the court. For this reason, it was understood that the TCDD was an essential defect and a criminal complaint was filed against its responsible officials. Bu

In the reasoned decision, the accused conductor Özkoç'un in the formation of the accident and the obligation to pay attention to the act of violating the grounds that the main defect and the crime of causing the death of the crime committed by the recorded decision, reported that the defective movement of the mechanic Abdullah Cigdem.

  • The decision of the court

Anatolia 30. In July, the Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced the defendant conductor Suleiman Ugur Ozkoc to 15 years 'imprisonment on charges of' causing death by bailiff cez. Taking into account the good behavior of the defendant, the court reduced the sentence to 2 year 4 for 1.

On the grounds that Özkoc may not have been sentenced for a deliberate crime, the court postponed its sentence and acquitted the machinist Abdullah Çiğdem on the grounds that the loaded act could not be defined as a crime in the law.

As the court found that the TCDD official or the authorities determined by the expert report, which did not comply with the national and international standards, was found to have been flawed during the prosecution phase, the court had decided to file a criminal complaint with the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor for the purpose of assessing whether or not this action could be taken.

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