Youth Movement in Traffic keeps raising awareness

The Youth Movement in Traffic continues to raise awareness: The Youth Movement in Traffic In the 10 province, the 10 thousand students, 20 bin parents and 500 school bus drivers arrived.
The ”Youth Movement in Traffic te project, coordinated by the Ministry of National Education, and implemented with the support of Goodyear, continues to make teachers, students, parents and school service drivers aware of traffic safety. The project, which is carried out within the scope of the Responsibility Movement in Traffic, aims to raise the awareness of the young people in high school especially on traffic safety and individual responsibilities. The materials and contents developed within the scope of the project contribute to the more efficient processing of the Traffic and First Aid course taught at the last year of high school.
The Youth Movement in Traffic, which provides methods and tools that enable the interaction between the student-parent-service driver to work in a positive way to ensure traffic safety, thus ensures that traffic safety remains on the agenda in schools. Within the scope of the project supported by Goodyear, an 2013-2014 training seminar was held in October 2013 for 50-2013 academic year. 2014 November-10 In June, 20 thousand students, 500 thousand parents and XNUMX service drivers were reached in the designated schools.
Positive behavior change
As a result of the assessment studies conducted for the teachers who participated in the training seminar conducted within the framework of the ğı Youth in Traffic Movement bilgi project, it was seen that the seminar increased the knowledge level of teachers on many subjects. Arak Thanks to the special rubber used in winter tires, the shortest braking distance can be achieved by maintaining the tire's grip under conditions where the air temperature is less than + 7 elde. The ratio of the correct knowledge of the teachers before the training is% 79. It has increased. % 21 has been shown to respond correctly. It was seen that the students answered% 100, the parents'% 100 and the service drivers increased the% 20 rate correctly.
One of the most important problems in the use of mobile phones, one of the most important problems in the traffic, to talk with the mobile phone with the help of the headset is a safe behavior% in the question of the teacher 16, 20 students, 18% of the parents, the increase in the number of service drivers 32 has been achieved.
In the question iştir Carrying out the examination of the vehicles in a timely manner is one of the preventive safety measures inden is found that the general knowledge level is extremely high in all groups. According to this,% 100 of teachers,% 94 of students,% 95 of the parents and% 95 of service drivers are the preventive security measures.
Evaluation results are positive
In the 2013-2014 academic year, in line with the assessments regarding the UM Youth Movement in Traffic i training in the 10 school in the 50 province, most of the participants stated that the project has reached its goals and objectives.

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