Interest in train services increased in Batman

Interest in train services increased in Batman: The interest in train services at TCDD Batman Station increased in winter. The number of passengers per day has increased to 75 in recent weeks from the station where 150 people travel a day.
70 TCDD officials stated that the annual wooden fire tower would also be repaired. Batman's symbol will soon be repaired. Bat
TCDD Winter doping for train services at Batman Gar. The journey to 3.5 lyre between Batman and Diyarbakır is very popular. TCDD Batman Garage Office officials, intermediate trainers can get cheaper tickets than other vehicles, he noted. During the winter season before the 75 person traveled from the Gar in recent weeks, indicating that the number of 150 out of the Garage Directorate officials; Iler Those who travel by express train can pay a higher fee, but other train services are quite suitable, “they said.
TCDD Malatya 5 for repairing the historical tower in Batman Gar. Officials of the Regional Directorate of TCDD Directorate of Garage officials noted that the preparation of the project, they continued; An About 4 years ago, the work on the restoration of the 70 annual wooden tower has come to an end. The tower, which is the symbol of Gar and Batman, is planned to be renovated this year. For four years, the Regional Directorate looked favorably on demand for the restoration of the wooden tower. Dört




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