Afyon DDY Region is Waiting for Project

Afyon DDY Regional Project is Waiting: Ali Orkun Ercengiz, who has been the target of the criticism arrows of the Deputy Özçelik since his election, has overturned his silence. Mayor Ali Orkun Ercengiz, who warned parliamentarian Özçelik with a harsh language, said, "I recommend our delegates to protect the city's problems and act jointly." In his words, he emphasized that there should be support rather than criticism.

After the crossing of the crossing to the Menderes District, known as Akdere, during Sebahattin Akkaya's mayor period, the residents of the neighborhood were criticized and promised for the construction of a new road. Mayor Ali Orkun Ercengiz, who continued his work after the March 30 elections, claimed that although he took an important step in the works and everything was clear, MP Özçelik tried to criticize them with incomplete and insufficient information.

Parliamentary Bayram Özçelik, who shared an article titled “Menderes Neighborhood Railroad Cars Underpass” on his social media account, said that Burdur Municipality did not work on the level crossing which was closed during Sebahattin Akkaya period. Mayor Ali Orkun Ercengiz, who said that the work is continuing rapidly, disrupted his silence this time and responded to the Deputy Özçelik.
Letter shared by the deputy Bayram Özçelik on social media;

30 March Local Elections 8 Monthly Afyonkarahisar State Railways Regional Manager and Road Maintenance Branch Manager Burdurumuza invited. It is decided to make a SUB-PASS in the area it is holding and on the road. Before the election Burdur Municipality and the region to draw the project will be started to work. For some reason, the staff of Burdur Municipality were not interested in this project and didn't draw although they were told many times. The election is over. The new period has started. Afyon DDY Region is waiting for the project. Burdur Municipality Bureaucrats Waiting. I don't know what to do. Probably 40 Able To Remove Burdur City Rails Completely Under The High Speed ​​Train. Terminating the Rails at the High Speed ​​Train Station.

Mayor Ecz, who broke his silence. Press release of Ali Orkun Ercengiz;
Since the day we took office, we are looking for solutions to the problems of Burdur, its problems, and its problems. Since the agenda has been created, the subject I want to talk about is the level crossing problem of Menderes Mahallesi.

We have been in cooperation with TCDD since 30 March. According to the operation of the TCDD and the route rules, it is impossible to cross the level in this region. Together with our team, we prepared the underpass project here. We have determined the routes. We made the cost calculations. Along with the ground surveys, a project will be delivered to the FDI Regional Directorate within the next week.

Mr. Member of Parliament 8 who prepared the underpass project months ago, I wonder if something like this has actually come? Because the underpass project is entirely our opinion.

Saying that we did not produce projects until today, Mr. MP, as it always does, when the microphone has been extended to make a statement with incomplete and insufficient information. However, the works we did in this area, especially Fatih Mosque community, witnessed all residents. We have already made the signal that we will start the project by removing the 60 truck filler material. We completed the elevation in the direction of Menderes Mahallesi. As soon as the project is approved in the coming days, we will complete the underpass project and solve this transportation problem.

We hope that our deputy MP will take place in the new cabinet and especially the Minister of Transport will be the Minister of Transportation.

I recommend our Deputy, who says “I don't know what to do”, to protect the city's problems and act in common.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 17:04

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