Ministry Releases Çorlu Train Accident Report 416 Days Later

ministry published corlu train accident report after day
ministry published corlu train accident report after day

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was able to publish its report on the train disaster in Çorlu the day after 416. In the report, while the ministry tried to show the attitude of the officials related to the train disaster as 'normal', it also admitted the lack of modernization and early detection of the system. In addition, despite the warnings made about the meteorological conditions, the responsibility of the institution was emphasized as mandatory.

"8 July 2018 Date 12703 Train Deray Accident Investigation Report for the Accident Report" in the introduction of the 'Purpose' section, "This accident investigation is not a judicial or administrative investigation, the purpose of the crime and the offender is not to identify or to share responsibility" is said.

In the report, “The engineer could not take any further precautions in a short time due to reasons such as lack of slope, lack of inclination, very short distance of the part where the platform is discharged, lack of signs related to line disturbance on the approach route, absence of any warning in signaling and electrification systems. ”Statements were included.

Disaster causing the disaster, 'Considering that the Istanbul-Edirne part of the Rumeli Railway line was put into service at 1873', estimated that the annual 145 is estimated, the last control of the culvert before the accident, the spring control in May 2018'de stating that the cavity of the culvert is not full and that there is no need for any cleaning in the cavity, “It is suggested that only ballast holders should be made. The ballast holder has not yet been made on the date of the accident. ”

The report included the following statements regarding the meteorological conditions that led to the collapse of the culvert and the necessary inspections to be carried out: ılar In the touring report dated 105 / 2018 / 29 following the 06 / 2018 / XNUMX touring report after the General Order No. XNUMX section of the 'MGM'den information in the coming days and during the summer period may be excessive rainfall information is taken. Precipitation occurs like local and tropical climate precipitation is very high and in the form of hose and rainfall and damage occurs in places where too much damage-causing damage. For this reason, especially following the weather from meteorology, keeping track of the splitting and filling slopes against the flow and landslide danger, leaving the watchman in critical weather conditions, contacting the drivers and TSI control centers if necessary, monitoring the weather and road condition without causing an accident. prevention is of great importance. Increasing the pedestrian controls where deemed necessary in such extraordinary situations, the relevant units have been warned about excessive rainfall.

Measures to be taken after heavy rain are specified in the general order 2009 dated 105. The duties of the road maintenance and repair supervisor are stated in Article 16 of sub-heading 'b' of sub-heading 2 of the sub-heading XNUMX, 'Art structures of the line (tunnel, bridge, culvert, etc.) following heavy rains, floods and earthquakes. filling, debuche and derivations and ditches to be examined immediately, even if there is any incident, the result of the inspection to the Directorate of Road Maintenance and other relevant persons to the wire 'reported.

KazanYBO Manager responsible for the line section where the accident occurred, made the last road control on 26/06/2018, did not detect any negativity on the tour, there was no report about excessive precipitation before the accident, the precipitation was local, there was no serious precipitation at the nearest stations. He declared that he did not have any control due to this reason.

YBO chief Çerkezköy-Velimeşe-Çorlu-Balabanlı-Muratlı stations including the total area of ​​51 km, accident day Çerkezköy station, changing the scissors, indicating that the weather is hot 15: 30-16: 00'dan after light rainfall, around 17: 15 Çerkezköy stated that he was aware of the accident when he reached the station building.

Despite the warnings made in the General Order and Service Manager tour numbered 105, it should be taken into consideration that the rainfall is local and that there is no excessive rainfall notification from stations, trains or third parties. ”

Regarding the meteorological conditions shown as the cause of the disaster, “Watch 14: 00-15: 00 between the heavy rainfall and damage to the infrastructure that can begin to see; there was no warning or warning to prevent the accident since there was no train or personnel running on the line da, the report citing 'the modernization of the control and supervision of the line'. Thus, it was admitted that the State Railways (TCDD) stems from the fact that the disaster did not have modern warning systems.

In the core part of the report, it was stated that: sonrası The procedures to be carried out on the road after heavy rainfall, which is stated in the TCDD Line Maintenance Handbook and 105 general order, are not sufficient to meet local, unexpected, unregistered line sections. It is inadequate to follow the personnel responsible for controlling the road by 40-50 km. The monitoring of art structures such as bridges, culverts, splits and tunnels on railway lines with modern detection systems becomes essential. ”

8 in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ July 2018 train was derailed due to rain drifting under the culvert, 25 people lost their lives and 340 people were injured.

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