International certification comes to mechanics

International certification comes to the mechanics: RAYTEST Train Engineer (Level 4) Vocational Qualification Certificate exams start as of November.

RAYTEST Limited Company was founded on 02 March 2012 under the c Project for Establishment of Examination and Certification Center with National Qualification System in Railway Transportation Sector X conducted by TCDD Development and TCDD Personnel Solidarity and Assistance Foundation. Founding partners, TCDD Development and TCDD Staff Solidarity and Solidarity Foundation (TCDD Foundation), Rail Transport Systems and Industrialists Association (RAYDER) and Railway Transport Association (DTD), RAYTEST, certification, training, test-laboratory, R & D and consultancy services.

RAYTEST is accredited as a train mechanic in order to provide test and personnel certification services according to TS EN ISO / IEC 17024 standard by TURKAK, and is authorized to provide examination and certification services in the profession of train mechanics by Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK).

The certification of the personnel certified by RAYTEST will be approved by both TURKAK and MYK.

National Qualification System and VOC-Test Center Establishment of Railway Transport Sector Project, funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey and conducted by the Vocational Qualifications Authority, "Strengthening Vocational Qualifications Authority and National Qualifications System in Turkey Project (UYEP)" VOC-Test Centers are included in the Grant Scheme. The project is carried out by TCDD, TCDD Foundation and TCDD Personnel Assistance and Solidarity Foundation (TCDD Foundation).

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    1. A foreign citizen who receives this certificate also means that it can work as a machine engineer in tcdd lines. TCDD (in the private sector which will provide restructuring service) will now work with certified personnel. We wish to certify the other active personnel after the machinists. The important thing is to give the certificate as well as the ones who will be able to give the certificate and to have a sufficient level of examinations. It is not known how the training of trainers is done.