Eurotunnel train trapped in Channel Tunnel

The Eurotunnel train was trapped in the Channel Tunnel: a train in the Channel Tunnel connecting the continent of England and Europe and passing under the English Channel broke down after leaving the coast of England, and about 400 passengers and four dogs were trapped in the tunnel.

The Eurotunnel train, which traveled in the tunnel between England and France, was broken due to a power outage after about 12 miles after leaving England. About six hours of delays were caused by the breakdown, while passengers were trapped in the train for two hours.

The 400 passengers and four dogs, who took pictures in the tunnel, took the opportunity to evacuate from the failing train and transferred to another train. Passengers were transported safely to France, but this time they waited for the remaining luggage in the other train.

The Channel Tunnel, which started construction in 1988 and opened at 1994, connects the UK to the European continent. The bottom of the tunnel has a depth of 75 meters. The Channel Tunnel, a railway tunnel of approximately 50,5 kilometers, uses Eurostar high-speed trains and Eurotunnel services for cars and other vehicles. A passenger on the Eurostar train from London can be reached by rail, up to Paris or Brussels.

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