Turkey will be an international logistics base

Turkey will be an international logistics base: Employment will increase two-fold, that the personnel it needs profile of the industry!
It is estimated that the global logistics industry has a volume of close to 10 trillion dollars. The Turkish transport and logistics sector, which has reached a volume of approximately 300 billion TL, has grown and developed significantly in the last 10 years.
Beykoz Logistics Vocational School officials, Turkey is rapidly becoming an international logistics base and well-trained in the industry accordingly, he says will require skilled manpower. Geographical structure due to land, sea and located in Turkey, an important point of air transport, together with the need for trained manpower development of the logistics industry is growing with each passing day.
2023 targets 500 billion dollars in exports and 750 billion dollars in imports with a significant growth is targeted, indicating that the same applies to the logistics sector Beykoz Vocational School Director Professor. Dr. Okan TUNA says that the demand for manpower in logistics will grow: “The number of personnel working in logistics sector is expected to increase at least 10 times in the next 2 year period.”
According to Merter ÖZDEMİR, Member of the Board of Directors speaking on behalf of the Electronic Commerce Association, Logistics, which has become one of the cornerstones of the e-commerce sector, is becoming a rapidly growing and indispensable business line in our country and in the world. He emphasized that the labor force, which dominates the ecommerce sector in many areas, is very important for the new job seekers.
Employment will increase twice, the staff profile needed by the sector!
It is stated that 500 thousand people are employed in the logistics sector for today and it is emphasized that the sector needs serious trained manpower. The problem of trained manpower is seen as one of the most important problems of the sector.
Today, it is known that there is a shortage of 50 thousand qualified personnel in the Turkish logistics sector. While national and international logistics companies agree on the need for qualified, educated employees, they underline that they use their preferences during the recruitment process for candidates who have dominated the sector, closed the gap in knowledge and training, are open to international experience and have foreign language skills.
All quotas from Beykoz Lojistik MYO% 50 Scholarship!
Beykoz Logistics Vocational School announced its quotas on all programs except the limited number of full scholarship scholarships with 50% scholarship.
Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics, which is an institution that focuses exclusively on the theme of logistics, designed all its programs to train qualified personnel in the logistics sector and directs all its energy to it, believes that tem Yaparak I Learn by Doing ”philosophy and renewed educational practices and took the lead role in reshaping vocational education. The School, which prepares its students directly to the realities of the business world with the Professional Skills Development Center, Simulation Practice courses and Project / Street Laboratory Applications, has the identity of the only foundation vocational high school of the Logistics sector which has a shortage of employees in 50.000 according to experts.
With the diversification of the logistics sector, the school adds niche areas to the training program, thus bringing rare graduates to the business world. In addition to the departments of Logistics and Foreign Trade, the departments such as Civil Air Transportation Management, Civil Aviation Cabin Services, Sea Port Management and Rail Systems come to the fore.




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