2 freak bridge in Torbalı

2 freak bridge in Torbalı: The bridge scandal does not stop in Izmir. Torbalı'da Mithatpaşa Street and the Torbalı neighborhood again, the Metropolitan Municipality was built two freak bridge appeared.

The New Century Karşıyaka The headline kö 4 × 4 scandal uran, which announces that the 4 bridge, which is built on Bostanlı Creek, has turned the life of the citizen into a nightmare, it has received wide echo. In the meantime, Torbalı Mithatpaşa Street and Torbalı Neighborhood also built by the Metropolitan Municipality turned out to be two freak bridges. Within the scope of İZBAN studies, the bridges that divide the city into two parts of the city center were rebelled. The lack of a section dedicated to pedestrian walkways, disabled and cyclists on the bridges up to the walls of the apartments increased the grievance. Furthermore, it was claimed that the narrow and sharp bends on the bridge in Izmir Street also invited many accidents. Mithatpaşa Street next to the bridge used for disabled and elderly citizens often expressed that the elevator is broken, often using wheelchairs, people passing by themselves, he said. Ümmü Çetin, a disabled citizen, complained about the same victimization and said, “We are victims when the elevator breaks down. It often fails..

Great Wall of China
Despite the completion of the construction of both bridges, indicating that the citizens are completely useless, Izmir Street in front of the Torbalı Bridge action. Speaking on behalf of citizens, Oktay Semerci said, ci The bridges were like a Chinese wall. All trades and houses are closed. We're officially retired here. It's a big mess. We have to use the railway to cross the street. But when İZBAN comes in, this place will be closed. Then how are we supposed to cross over? Besides, it's dangerous to cross this train right now. Because freight and passenger trains pass through here. No safety precautions have been taken. We invite the Metropolitan Municipality to the post. Let him hear our voice. Ses Ali Atan, a motorcyclist trying to cross the bridge, the road is very narrow and unfavorable, especially the corners of the road was made very sharp.

City divided in two
Torbalı Mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez stated that the citizens had great difficulties in crossing over the bridges. Eden These bridges divided the city into two because they were unfit. In many parts of the county people are forced to walk along the 1 - 1.5 mileage road to cross the street. While Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was making these bridges, Torbalı could not take into account that it was a growing and growing city. It would also be more useful if these two bridges were built by the method of sinking. Because, in this way, only the vehicles can use the bridges. In addition, İZBAN will be operational here for several months but still pedestrian overpasses are not ready. Shortage of pedestrians for pedestrians is too much. This work needs to be done urgently, Bu he said.

“They didn't hear our voice“
President of the Chamber of Commerce Abdulvahap Olgun Torbalı Chamber of Commerce, political parties and citizens in the district meeting with the metropolitan municipality of the metropolitan municipality instead of bridges before the sun went down, but these requests were ignored. Mature, yapt We've done the actions to be done with this when both bridges sank. However, the Metropolitan Municipality did not hear our voice. The result is obvious. We want an immediate solution to this problem. These bridges broke the ergonomics of urban life, Bu he said.


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