2 freak bridges in Torbalı

2 freak bridges in Torbalı: The bridge scandal does not end in İzmir. It turned out that there are two freak bridges built in Torbalı, Mithatpaşa Caddesi and Torbalı Mahallesi, again built by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Of the New Century Karşıyaka The headline titled “4 × 4 scandal”, which announced that the 4 bridges standing on Bostanlı Stream turned the life of the citizen into a nightmare, found wide echo. In the meantime, it turned out that there were two freak bridges built in Torbalı, Mithatpaşa Caddesi and in Torbalı Neighborhood, again by the Metropolitan Municipality. Within the scope of İZBAN studies, the district people rebelled by the bridges dividing the city into two by making it to the district center. The absence of a pedestrian path, a section reserved for disabled people and cyclists on the bridges that extend to the walls of the apartments increased the victimization. In addition, it was claimed that narrow and sharp bends on the bridge on İzmir Street had invited many accidents. Stating that the elevator used for disabled people and elderly people next to the bridge on Mithatpaşa Street is also often broken, citizens said that they often carry people using wheelchairs by themselves. Disabled citizen Ümmü Çetin complained of the same grievance and said, “We become victims when the elevator breaks down. He often malfunctions. ”

Great Wall of China
Citizens who stated that both of the bridges were completely useless despite the completion of their construction, took action in front of Torbalı Bridge in İzmir Street. Speaking on behalf of the citizens, Oktay Semerci said, “Bridges were like the Great Wall of China. All tradesmen and houses are blocked. We are officially suffering here. Wherever you look, great vile. We have to use the train route to cross the street. But when İZBAN comes into play, this place will also close. So how are we going to cross? Also, it is dangerous to cross this railroad even now. Because freight and passenger trains also pass here. No security measures have been taken. We invite the Metropolitan Municipality to the task. Let's hear our voices. ” A citizen named Ali Atan with a motorcycle trying to cross the bridge also stated that the road is very narrow and unfavorable, especially the bends are very sharp.

City divided in two
Stating that the citizens related to the bridges had great difficulties in crossing the street, Torbalı Mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez said, “Because these bridges are unfavorable, they divided the city into two. In many parts of the district, people have to walk 1 - 1.5 kilometers to cross the road. While making these bridges, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality could not take into account that Torbalı is a growing and developing city. In addition, it would be more useful if these two bridges were taken underground and made with the sunk output method. Because in this way, bridges can only be used by vehicles. In addition, İZBAN will be operational here for a few months but pedestrian overpasses are still not ready. Overpass shortage for pedestrians is too much. There is an urgent need to work on this matter. ”

“They didn't hear our voice”
Torbalı Chamber of Commerce President Abdulvahap Olgun, by meeting with non-governmental organizations, political parties and citizens in the district, stated that they wanted the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to have sunk instead of bridges but these requests were ignored. Olgun said, “We have taken actions to make these two bridges sink with output. However, the Metropolitan Municipality did not hear our voices. The result is obvious. We want an urgent solution to this problem. These bridges have disrupted the ergonomics of urban life. ”



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