Applied Traffic Training for Children


Applied Traffic Training for Children: Children who were educated in Odunpazarı Municipality Toy Library were given practical traffic training.
At the Toy Library, where children continue to enjoy learning while having fun, educational seminars are organized for children. In the training, which was carried out with the contributions of Eskişehir Traffic Branch Directorate, the children learned the traffic rules. The minors were informed about many important issues such as crossing rules, traffic lights, and practical training after information. Teachers and traffic police along with the children crossing the street in the street of the labor street Ertas was also informed about how to get on the tram. The children, who had to go through the tram turnstile all together, learned how to ride the tram properly.
Toy Library officials, children, art, culture, daily life, handicraft activities, such as the development of many subjects were given, he said. Authorities emphasized the importance of educating children about their daily life and emphasized the importance of educating children at a young age.
The children who participated in the training were given a police hat and a coloring book.

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