Mass Transit Not Mass Transit in Izmir

Mass Transgression Is Not Massive in Izmir: The President of the Felicity Party and General Director of the General Council Bayram Sakartepe, introduced by the Metropolitan Municipality as a 'memorizing system' the new transportation application 'memorizing not an apprenticeship is an application' said.

Sakartepe held a press conference about the new system introduced in public transportation in Izmir, argued that the transfer of people from there to suffering and suffered nothing other than suffering. Bayram Sakartepe made a statement in the provincial chairmanship, the new application of mass transportation, not mass transportation, claimed that there was suffering. In order to evaluate the change that affects the daily life of the people of İzmir, they observed that they made observations for a while and that they received the views of the people. There are troubles that bring the people to the point of rebellion. The new system has a serious lack of plan. The project started without being told enough about the project. The pilot site was not identified and tested. Metropolitan Municipality of the zoo born what the name of the Izmir people exhibiting the question of how to exhibit such important issues of the participant municipality would be much more meaningful, esi he said.


About the 1,5 million who use the buses in the city of Izmir, the victim said Sakartepe, “previously 20-25 minutes of routes, was about 75 minutes. The number of wagons and trains was already inadequate, and now completely inadequate. The crowds in the transfer centers have reached the extreme. The coercion of the elderly and disabled people caused a distress and persecution. In order to go to work in the heat of this summer, the three citizens of the country, in the winter cold school to go to the school three times to make the students who did not think they did not think at all? Is it more comfortable to go by replacing the 2-3 vehicle with the only vehicle in the past? Is the capacity of İzban and metron suitable for this system? How can a revolution be a system in which everyone's life gets harder and more complicated? In

Stating that the new system is an application that turns the citizens' daily life upside down, Provincial President Sakartepe continued as follows: “These difficulties, intensities and disruptions experienced even at a time when the schools are closed and most of the city people are on vacation show us how painful the system is. With the logic of 'I did it', transportation has turned into an agony. ”

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