Planned traffic commission meeting was held

Traffic commission meeting was held in Düzce: Traffic commission meeting was held under the presidency of Düzce Governor Ali İhsan Su. Deputy Governor Hasan Bağcı, Gendarmerie Commander Senior Colonel Ramazan Akça, Police Chief Ayhan Buran and related institutions attended the 2014 March Meeting of the Road Traffic Safety Action Plan Coordination Board, headed by the Governor Ali İhsan Su. At the meeting, Governor Su announced that the lightening and signaling of the Junction was completed.
We regularly conduct road traffic safety action plan meetings every month. M Governor Su continued his speech by saying as In this month's meeting, we will review the implementation of the decisions we have taken in the past months and if there are new decisions to be taken, we will put their decisions into practice. In the past months, we decided to finish the lighting of the Juno Junction, our friends have finished as of yesterday. The signaling process at the Junction Junction has started. In such matters, we take the decisions regarding the traffic safety of our city and put it into practice. I want to express once more to all our citizens, let's obey the traffic rules, warn those who do not. If we want to travel safe and healthy traffic rules have been put for us to take into account never forget.


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