Target 2030 in greenhouse gas emission

Target in greenhouse gas emissions 2030: The current greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union countries are planned to be reduced to 2030 by 1990 until 40.
Istanbul Carbon Summit, hosted by ITU, continues. Speaking at the summit, OECD Climate Change President Anthony Cox underlined the inadequacies in product carbon labeling, which is one of the carbon reduction systems.
Cox said that the technology is advancing rapidly, so we need to re-evaluate our existing decisions by considering this change. He said that low taxes should be applied to the less polluting environment.
Cox, "energy taxes in Turkey are usually taken from the transportation sector. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) data, it ranks high among the OECD countries in the excise tax on gasoline. Ekonomik
Climate Change and Clean Energy Expert Zsuzsanna Ivanyi stated that the new global climate agreement, which will be resolved at the 2015st United Nations (UN) Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties to be held in Paris in 21, will contribute to economic growth.
Noting that the growing need for energy and natural resources in the world has increased gradually, Ivanyi said that the new agreement to be signed should cover all countries of the world, and added, man With the limited resources and the increase in the current population, these resources are needed more than ever before, and a global brings trouble. With the agreement to be signed in 2015, we must revise our responsibilities'.
- Everyone is responsible for future disasters.
Ivanyi said that as an individual, everyone is responsible for the future disasters, and that the new agreement should motivate entrepreneurs and investors and everyone should take action before it is too late.
Francisco Ascui, Head of Carbon Management at Edinburg University, said that the policies of the countries should move towards stability and transparency in this sense.
. We must use the standards set at international level when fighting carbon emissions, As said Ascui.
The European Commission Policy Editor, Dimitrios Zevgolis, pointed out the agreement to be signed at 2015 and said, X With the 2015 agreement, a significant reduction in carbon emissions will be achieved. Economic actors should take an active role in this process. Taking into account the policies the European Union plans to implement in relation to carbon in the future, we must question our current policies and produce solutions in this direction. Avrupa
1990 percent less greenhouse gas than target 40
Zevgolis stated that they set new targets in the fight against climate change, and that their aim is to reduce the current greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union countries to 2030 by 1990 below 40.
Ayşe Yasemin Örücü from the World Bank stated that the countries were working together with the World Bank in line with some goals, and said:
“Preparedness for the Carbon Market (PMR) consists of 30 countries. It is among our efforts to support configurations that will result in emission reduction. In this sense, we provide financial support to countries. Technical discussions on carbon emissions between countries need to start. These discussions should be experimental. "
Knitters, all countries have problems in carbon management, and therefore need to accelerate the necessary configurations in terms of both structural and legislation, he said.
Knitting the current policies of the countries should be examined, the base level of emissions should be determined Knitting, said:, These works will be in the interest of countries. Damage will not bring benefits, Zarar he said.
Stressing that countries are turning to emission trade as carbon emissions become a big threat for future generations, Örücü emphasized that China is one step ahead of other countries in this regard. Gel China plans to establish a national trade emission center. 6 is performing plateau application in the country. Chinese plateau applications began in 2012. However, this application will literally start in 2016.

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