Goodyear invites you to shopping malls and streets to introduce you to your new car

Goodyear invites you to shopping malls and streets to introduce you to your new car: Those who buy 7 Goodyear summer tires from Goodyear, one of the world's leading tire manufacturers, between April 30 and June 4, BMW 400i with every 5.20 TL. kazan1 draw right to win. Those who participate in the campaign, which offers 9 installments exclusive to the World, are instantly gifted t-shirts. kazanwill ache. EfficientGrip Performance and BMW campaign communication, which has the A label value in Wet Floor Braking, continues with full rein with the events held in shopping malls.
4 Goodyear 1 BMW!
Those who buy 4 summer tires from Goodyear get 'free of charge' [1] somehow BMW opportunity! The campaign is announced with events to be held in shopping malls to reach more consumers. The white BMW 520i, which is the gift of the campaign, will be displayed on a pedestal without tires in shopping malls, while 4 EfficientGrip Performances will also be on the stand.
Again, photo shoots will be held for those who visit the Goodyear booth with iPads. Various gifts are given to those who get the most likes from the photos added to Goodyear's Facebook page with permission. kazanHe'll get the chance. Goodyear's new summer campaign will also feature different activities. It is possible to meet Goodyear girls at long red lights on important streets in selected provinces! Also, don't be surprised if you see a BMW key on your desk in a cafe! If you buy 4 summer tires from Goodyear, it's only a matter of time before you own a real BMW 520i!
EfficientGrip Performance has the best label values ​​in its segment!
Speaking about the campaign, Melih Evcimen, Marketing Manager of Goodyear Consumer Tires,
“We give 7 Goodyear branded summer tires purchased from our authorized dealers between April 30 and June 2014, 4 and one draw for every 400 TL. As part of our 360-degree marketing plan, while introducing our EfficientGrip Performance tire, which has the label value of A for wet grip and B for fuel saving, we also offer the pleasure of driving Goodyear tires with BMW 520 to our consumers who prefer Goodyear tires during the campaign period. Stating that they prefer more different and colorful activities to be with consumers in addition to traditional communication channels, Evcimen said, “We are launching our campaign at selected shopping malls in Istanbul and Ankara and selected streets in Izmir on April 19 at the same time. Our events will continue in Gaziantep, Adana, Bursa, Kayseri, Izmit and Adapazarı later on.
19, which will be realized in shopping centers and streets, will be held in April in Istanbul Kozyatağı Carrefour, Ankara Cepa and İzmir-Karşıyakaalso begins with street activity. Goodyear's summer campaign activities will continue until the end of May with shopping malls and street activities in selected cities.


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