4 BMW 1 to Goodyear Summer Tire

4 1 Goodyear Summer: 4 Goodyear summer tires take the chance to enjoy Goodyear with the BMW 520i!
One of the world's leading tire manufacturers Goodyear 7 April - 30 June between the 4 Goodyear summer tires, BMW 5.20i to win the draw is entitled to draw. A special 9 installment opportunity is offered for the World. Wet ground braking distances and fuel-saving advantages are assured with tire label values. Goodyear offers its customers a unique opportunity once again. Goodyear's new campaign starts in April, which is the transition period for summer tires.
4 Goodyear 1 BMW!
Goodyear '4' summer tire buys 'grace' BMW opportunity! Speaking about the campaign, Goodyear Consumer Tires Director Ersin Özkan said, ın 7 April 2014 - 30 June 2014 offers a lottery voucher to 4 summer tire purchased from our authorized dealers. The winner will be the owner of the BMW 5.20i. For the first time in this context, we are facing our customers with a campaign. Campaign, we have prepared as a thank you for many years to see that we have established with our customers in Turkey, and we offer our customers, "he said.
EfficientGrip Performance has the highest label values ​​of its segment!
The 4 has the best label values ​​in the EfficientGrip Performance segment, the latest member of Goodyear's EfficientGrip product family, which offers BMW 5.20i a chance to win the summer tire. EfficientGrip Performance is available in the market for the highest tire labels available in the market, with B label values ​​for wet handling and B for rolling resistance. [1]
Özkan stated that they invested in order to continuously improve the product quality according to consumer needs and expectations. Iler Goodyear offers very superior products to the market in the labeling values ​​that allow consumers to make more informed choices. For example; ödün EfficientGrip Performance, our high performance tire that we have introduced to the market last year, offers fuel savings to its consumers without compromising on road safety with its A label on wet floor road holding A, fuel saving.
How will you participate in the campaign?
"4 Goodyear Tire 1 BMW" campaign, http://www.4Goodyear1Araba.com Participation is possible from the website or by mail. April 7, 2014 - June 30, 2014 between the campaign and the floors all at once Goodyear $ 400 from authorized dealers throughout Turkey (400 raffle every $ 1 right) from Goodyear branded tires
(With the purchase of 4 tires) with name, surname, address, phone, e-mail, vehicle brand, vehicle model, vehicle year, annual mileage, previous tire brand and tire size http://www.4Goodyear1Araba.com It is possible to join the campaign by filling out the form on the campaign page and uploading the invoice image on the (free) internet address [2].
Consumers can also take the opportunity to participate in the campaign by sending all this information to 4Goodyear1About.com and by sending the photocopy of the invoice to the 10.07.2014 Besiktas-Istanbul address by the end of 42.


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