Violence against employees of Deutsche Bahn

Violence against employees of Deutsche Bahn: German railways employees in Deutsche Bahn complain of violence against them. While violence against DB employees increased sixfold, only 200 cases last year were recorded.

Deutsche Bahn (WB) announced statistics on violence against passengers by their own staff. Accordingly, 2012 200 as much as DB personnel complained about the violence, while last year, this figure is up to a thousand 200.

Security personnel and tern officers are exposed to violence, especially from railway personnel. Finally, a passenger attacked a DB employee in the city of Cologne with his sheepdog. The event had a big echo in the press.

Gerd Becht, a member of the Board of Directors responsible for security at the WB, said, m We cannot accept a situation like this, DB and noted that they would sit down with the unions to resolve the matter urgently.

The experts attributed the violence against the WB employees to the increasing tendency of violence in society.

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