Emphasis on 'Transportation' and 'Accessibility' from President Sekmen

Emphasis on accessibility and accessibility from the President's tab
Emphasis on accessibility and accessibility from the President's tab

Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Sekmen said “We will make Erzurum an accessible city as well as an accessible city”. Turkey and co-funded by the EU, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure conducted by the "Accessibility Project of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey" s Erzurum Workshop was held today. Speaking at the workshop held at the Atatürk University Nene Hatun Cultural Center with the participation of Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Sekmen, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, emphasized the importance of being accessible in transportation services. Underlining that a large portion of their shifts in Erzurum are reserved for transportation services, Sekmen said that it is important to be at least as accessible as transportation.


"Accessibility of Passenger Transport in Turkey Project", the transportation and especially in the passenger transport sector in Turkey is a very serious development and noted that changes to opening the door Tab, in the field of transportation Turkey's largest distance recorded also drew attention. Tabs, air, sea, road and rail transport in the history of the Republic recalled largest investment was made, has risen continuously strips the shuttle and Turkey voiced reached a point where almost stature is competing with developed countries in the world in this field.

Stating that transportation is a necessity and a sign of civilization, President Sekmen said, er The countries where transportation facilities are unlimited and can be easily used in all aspects should be appreciated; standard These are the countries where the standard of living is high and the power is fully retained ”.


Stating that the only factor that Erzurum has been a full-fledged trade center in the past was transportation, Sekmen said, büyük It also shows the great steps taken by our government and the new transportation projects it has implemented; The historical Silk Road revives once again and comes to life with a new spirit and a new vision. This is the main reason underlying the fact that these developments excite and delight us. Because we know that; We will complete our socio-economic development process with transportation opportunities and eliminate the interregional development gap thanks to transportation opportunities. In this context, I would like to thank our government in general and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in the presence of you for the opportunities and opportunities it provides. ”


Describing the anlat Accessibility ”model that gives transportation services a much greater meaning as well as the importance of transportation, Mayor Sekmen said, anız If you cannot benefit from the services you provide in the field of transportation equally and easily, the citizens with disabilities, If you do not fully benefit from the possibilities, you have left your transportation destinations halfway. Thus, "Accessibility Project of Passenger Transport in Turkey" as well, according to us is a very important step of awareness, "he said. Sekmen emphasized that accessibility of transportation services puts the biggest responsibility on local governments and added, “I would like to point out that; perhaps the area where we spent most of our work during the time we were in office was transportation. In addition to bringing new transportation networks to our city, updating the existing roads and redesigning them according to the needs of the day has always been among our priorities. Of course, our basic philosophy is; to make our transportation networks and vehicles accessible. In this process, which we carry out with an empathic approach, we have worked in many areas from our bus stops to our public transportation vehicles, from handicapped ramps, to pavement and pedestrian crossings to sensible surface roads, and we continue to do so ”.


Sekmen explained that all vehicles engaged in passenger transportation can easily be used for disabled, elderly and mobility-restricted citizens. Taking into consideration the harsh winter conditions of Erzurum, we also put the needs of our disabled citizens at the forefront with Smart Stops at our bus stops, which are our own design. Within the stops, we have created special areas for our disabled citizens so that they can wait with their wheelchairs if necessary. We are currently conducting a new study on the smart stop application. In the near future, we will equip our smart stops with audible and visual signaling systems and we will be offering these stops all over the city. Another area we are working on is the urban traffic and signaling system. We will update this system and reach a level that can fully meet the expectations of our disabled citizens. Again, we have designed our streets, boulevards, pavements, squares and social spaces specially for our disabled citizens in order to create a city with the highest level of accessibility. So consider that; Today, a brother or sister with physical or physical disabilities who leave his home in Yıldızkent, which is the furthest away from the city center, can easily reach the point of the city thanks to the sensible surface roads, accessible transportation means and smart stops.


According to the Turkey Statistical Institute's data; Mayor Mehmet Sekmen reiterated that there are close to a thousand disabled citizens in Erzurum 55, this situation also means a great responsibility for them, he said. Men This ratio, which constitutes a considerable share in the total population of the city, inevitably imposes special responsibilities on us. Our government has undoubtedly made great efforts to ensure the integration of disabled citizens into society and to play an active role in socio-economic life. In addition to these studies; We have mobilized our Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum. To date, we have delivered numerous battery and wheelchairs to our disabled brothers. Not satisfied with this, we also established a repair shop in our municipality. In other words, for any disabled brother whose wheelchair or wheelchair fails, our workshop is mobilized instantly and repairs his chair free of charge. Again, in the Disabled Coordination Center, where we opened its doors to service last month, we do what is necessary for the inclusion of our disabled brothers in social life..


Mayor Sekmen listed the services provided by the Metropolitan Municipality for disabled citizens in Erzurum as follows: or We provide free service for disabled students and carry them with the vehicles we have specially allocated for their schools. We have a protocol with both national and local companies regarding the employment of our disabled brothers and we give priority to our disabled brothers and sisters looking for a job. We sell water to our handicapped citizens at a discount of 50, but we also make free use of our transportation services. We also provide vocational and artistic trainings for our disabled brothers and sisters in ESMEKs operating under our municipality and make them capable of contributing to their family budgets. With this and many other services, I hope that we will make Erzurum a modern city where our disabled brothers can maintain, produce, earn and access their lives without any problems. In this context, Turkey by offering my thanks to all the people in the process of preparation and execution of the accessibility of Passenger Transport Project, will fall upon us that we fulfill the love of all kinds of love responsibility also want to say. "

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