Arus-Urge Workshop was held

Arus-Urge Workshop was held: The Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Transport, ARUS Management and 40 ARUS-URGE Company was held in Crowne Plaza Hotel.

During the workshop, the current situation in rail transport systems in the world and in Turkey, the industry's prospects, Export Potential and was admitted to the competition table.

In the workshop, Stephan Nel, an expert from South Africa, who was also invited as a guest, gave information to our members about the rail systems sector in South Africa. Mr. Stephan most interesting and Turkey by taking lessons from the words to South Africa in the 65% minimum financial as state policy of local content requirement and whether they have been fulfilled by the state supervisory board, this condition reporting and 65% local contribution in the event of an inability to fulfill the requirement of the tender area firms 20% of its turnover was to have penalty enforcement policies.

The sector, which was 2011 billion Euros in 146, will reach 2016 billion Euros / year as of 168. The share of Railway Suppliers from World Trade is increasing. Its share of global GNP increased by 2004% between 2010-23 and reached 0.38%. The Railway Suppliers Market is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 2-3%. Western Europe, Asia & Pacific and NAFTA countries account for 75% of the market. Between 2010 and 2012, in terms of market size in rail systems, 1. China 2. USA, 3. Russia, 4. Germany, 5. Japan, 6. India, 7. France, 8. England, 9. Italy and 10. Spain
2010-2050 is planned to invest in US Dollar on 45 trillion for new infrastructures of Road and Railway. Bombardier, Alstom, Siemens' market share is 2005, while 50 is the first player in 2012. and 1. Ci is in order. In the medium term, 2 Producer and 190 production plant have been a very serious competition in CER vehicles.
Turkey Market:
Current state
• Total national rail network; 11,500 km (500 km YHT, 2250 km elect., 3020 km signal)
• 13 YHT set, 45 Elect. Loko, 485 Diesel Loko, 108 EMU, 49 DMU, ​​109 Diesel Maneuver Loko
• 966 passenger car, 22,000 freight car (3100 private freight car)
• Private sector's total carriage share is below 5
• 2002 billion € investment between 2013-15
• 2013-2023 50 billion more investment plans
2023 Vision
• Total national rail network; 26,500 km (10,000 km YHT, 16,500 Directional, 8,000 km elect., 8,000km signal)
• 180 new YHT Kit, 300 Loko, 120 EMU, 24 DMU
• 8.000 freight wagon
• 15% load, 10% passenger transport share (2015 liberalization from January!)
We should get a sample of China model in rail systems
• Railway Investments started very late.
• 50 of today's infrastructure is made in the last 50 year
• 2000-2009 peak period in 2010
• Collaboration - created its own industry with know-how transfers
• 2000 is the first 5 in CNN and China South when it wasn't among the first 2 manufacturer.
• Bombardier + Alstom + Siemens 2006 for 2012-3,
• CNR + CSR% 25 average growth
• Looking for a new market for slowdown investments in China ası
• 2000 multiplicity capacity (15 subway vehicle / year) by 3000
• Still struggling to sell vehicles to the European Market
• Vehicle homolization (certification) is costly and long
• Parts also require certification.
• Powerful competitors and idle capacity in the EU
• Due to technology transfer, the EU cannot use some technologies for the time being.
• Brand image still low
• It is slowly entering the market with its certified parts production for brand manufacturers.
• Asia, Africa and the Middle East markets, which offer significant opportunities
• Africa / Middle East subway vehicles market share% 72 (2011-2013)
• Multiunit market share in South / East Asia% 65 (2011-2013)

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