Türkyılmaz was in love with the railway

Türkyilmaz was in love with the railway: Former CHP Bursa deputy Kemal Demirel, who is struggling to bring the train to Bursa, made an honorary member record of Mudanya Mayor Hayri Türkyılmaz to the Railway Lovers' Association, which he was the founder president.

Bursa Mayor Hayri Turkyilmaz's Mudanya district office visited the Mayor of the former deputy Kemal Demirel, underlined that for years to bring the train to Bursa to bring the train, under the umbrella of the association they gathered with the new members of the association every day to gather the railway lovers said. .

Association Vice President Ibrahim Alkaya and Mudanya Municipality Members of the Assembly Servet Usta and CHP Mudanya Women's Branch President Sevtap Esen'ın accompanied by the visit, President Hayri Türkyılmaz'e gift of the association pennant Demirel, then signed the sign-up form. President Türkyılmaz noted that he was very honored and pleased with this development.

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