Sulfuric Acid Train

The train carrying sulfuric acid is derailed: An emergency was declared in an area of ​​200 kilometers due to the derailment of the freight train carrying 2 liters of sulfuric acid in Australia.

To the northwest of the state of Queensland, Australia, the 200 derives a thousand-liter sulfuric acid-bearing train. Officials declared an emergency situation in the 2 kilometer area.

According to the Independent, a locomotive and train with the 26 wagon, as well as sulfuric acid, diesel fuel also carried. After the incident in the 20 kilometer east of the town of Julia Creek, there was a anan little leak Jul. Aurizon Holdings Limited, a freight train company that spoke to ABC News, said that three people on the train were slightly injured and that Julia Creek hospitals were removed.

Railroad officials in Queensland have indicated that the road has been cut off due to the leak, and measures to be taken to protect the environment from leakage have been investigated and the damage resulting from the derailment of the train has not yet been determined.



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