İSDEMİR Received Quality Certificate in Automotive


TÜV NORD Turkey awarded 'ISO / TS 16949', the most prestigious certificate of the automotive industry, to İskenderun Iron and Steel Factories (İSDEMİR), which is Turkey's largest producer in its field.

Quality and standards in the company of Technical Control and Certification to perform TUV NORD Turkey, the highest manufacturing standards as a result of capture in flat steel production is the main input for the automotive, Iskenderun Iron and Steel Works to (ISDEMIR) ISO / TS 16949 gave Quality Certificate. ISDEMİR, which represents the 'Quality Management System' and is recognized as one of the most prestigious documents in the automotive sector, ISDEMİR crowned its production of flat steel production to both the Turkish automotive industry and export markets.

TÜV NORD Technical Control and Certification General Manager Dr. Eşref Ünsal, ISDEMİR, which produces rim and chassis steels for use in the manufacture of rim and chassis parts that require high strength and formability, is entitled to receive the 'ISO/TS 16949' certificate, which is the most prestigious document of the automotive industry, as a result of serious and disciplined teamwork. kazanstated that he did.

Dr. Eşref Ünsal, in his statement on the subject, said: “ISO/TS 16949, the establishment and sustainability of the quality management system requires a serious and disciplined team work. After completing this difficult preparation process, İSDEMİR has chosen TÜV NORD, which is engaged in the investigation of expanding the production range of many automotive companies in Turkey, for certification. After an audit lasting 20 man-days, the certification process was successfully completed and İSDEMİR was entitled to receive this prestigious certificate. kazanis gone. With this document, İSDEMİR has proven that in addition to its size and production capacity, it also fulfills the quality requirements of the automotive industry.”

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