The Railways Act is being implemented in 2013

Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım said that the law submitted to the Council of Ministers will be released this year and the implementation will start in 9.
For the railway transportation sector, which has been waiting for liberalization for years, the last period has been entered. Binali Yildirim, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, announced that the law on the restructuring and liberalization of the railway sector will build this year. Minister Yildirim said that with the investments made in the 9 year, railways are ready for liberalization and that the law was submitted to the Council of Ministers and will be issued this year.
Load amount will increase by 2019 by 10
Speaking at the Assembly of the Chamber of Industry of Ankara (ASO) Minister Yıldırım, until today the sea and railways are not used, the road is concentrated, he said. Indicating that the transportation cost should be taken down for global competition, Yıldırım said belirten Transportation needs to be changed Küresel. Lightning, describing the investments in railways, until the 2019 rail transports will increase the amount of cargo 10 fold at least said.
Today, the amount of transport carried out on the railroad is 25 million tons, this figure is broken record in the history of railroad stressed the Minister Yıldırım, ton We took over the 13 million. 170 million tons are moving in Canada with the same network. So there is an integration problem, D he said.
Stating that the share of highways in transportation has been reduced from 92 percent to 89 percent, Minister Yıldırım stated that if the share of seaway and railroad transportation is increased, road transportation will be reduced below 70 percent. Pointing out that the most expensive transportation is by air, road, rail and sea, respectively, the difference between the first and the last is 7 times, Minister Yıldırım said, “With the investments we have made in railways in 9 years, railways are now ready for liberalization. We made a presentation to the Council of Ministers on Monday. The law comes out this year and we will start to apply it next year ”.
Liberalization is essential for effective use!
ASO Chairman Nurettin Özdebir said they wanted to make rail transport widespread but they were having trouble finding wagons. In these conditions, Özdebir emphasized that the highway is more advantageous than the railway and said: Öz We built a logistic village for railway transportation in OIZ. We completed the loading and unloading ramps with 7 platform. The Customs Ministry also opened Gar Customs Directorate. However, we are having trouble finding wagons. We were also able to lift only 3 block trains a year because the truck was cheaper than the railroad. In order to benefit from railway transportation more effectively, to reduce the disadvantages of our cities away from the ports and to accelerate the industrialization of Anatolia, railway transportation needs to be liberalized.

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