Metrobus Expeditions in Istanbul


Metrobus voyages halted in Istanbul: Altunizade stop due to maltalanan metrobus interrupted service. Metrobus stop, while the passenger density of the long metrobus tail in both directions occurred. Some of the passengers came down to the Metrobus metrobus, while some passengers met with the driver who did not open the door metrobus.

Sogutlucesme - A metrobus, which made the traffic of Zincirlikuyu, failed at the time of arriving at the Altunizade stop at 18.30. Metrobüs driver failed to resolve the malfunction could not clear the unit. Due to the fault at the stop, there was a long BRT in the bus. Passengers descending from the Metrobus walked on the Metrobus road. Some passengers showed their reaction by trying to stop other metrobus while some passengers hit the windows of the metrobus and asked the drivers to open the door. After the driver of the Metrobus opened the door, the passengers on the road ended the discussion of the millennium. Zincirlikuyu direction of Altunizade stop was closed to traffic and the faulty metrobus was repaired by the teams here. In the meantime, metrobussefer were made from Söğütlüçeşme direction. Approximately one and a half hours after the elimination of the failure of the metrobus, the voyages returned to normal.

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