Walls of Istanbul decorated with flowers, metrobus stops illuminated

The walls of Istanbul are decorated with flowers Metrobus stops are illuminated: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality decorated the junction walls with flowers, illuminated the metrobus stops with LED lights.
According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the municipality, which does not limit its perception of green to parks and gardens, presented new studies that work on different themes in the city's crossroads, walls, roadsides and pools.
In this context, the newly launched vertical garden application developed especially on the walls of the intersections and eliminated the traditional gray wall phenomenon and monotony. While colorful seasonal flowers were arranged horizontally, the drivers were accompanied by magnificent paintings, and they were provided with a more aesthetic and comfortable journey. The illuminated walls turned into art galleries. The flowers planted in a meticulousness were illuminated and an art gallery concept was created for Istanbulites to visit in the evening. In vertical garden and architectural lighting, “wallwasher” series fixtures were included. Blue and white luminaire luminous flux was chosen to make the colors of the flowers vivid and natural.
- Metrobus stops are illuminated by LED lights
Metrobus stops, which started to be opened to the use of disabled and disadvantaged citizens with elevators and escalators, have gained a modern look with their new lighting.
While new lighting gives Istanbul residents more confidence, it also provides a visual contribution to the magnificent view of the city.
The lighting work is at the Bosphorus Bridge on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, Altunizade, Acıbadem, Uzunçayır, Fikirtepe and Söğütlüçeşme stops, and on the European Side, Şükyıley, IETT Camp, Küçükçekmece, Cennet Mahallesi, Florya (Yeşilova), Beşyol, Sefaköy, Yenibosna ( Kuleli), Şirinevler (Ataköy), Bahçelievler, İncirli (Ömür), Zeytinburnu, Merter, CevizliBağlar, Topkapı, Bayrampaşa (Maltepe), Vatan Street, Edirnekapı, Ayvansaray, Halıcıoğlu, Okmeydanı, Perpa, SSK Okmeydanı Hospital and Çağlayan stops.
The phenomenon of “Waiting Area” was handled to the stops, which were re-illuminated by considering the architectural elements. On the European Side, 101 panels with a total of 13 LEDs were used, and on the Anatolian side, 669 panels with 9 LEDs were used.

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