Bursa Chamber of Public Bus Service: Let us operate the tram!

Metropolitan Municipality, with various objections and requests to the agenda of the Bursa Chamber of Public Bus Service sat on the table yesterday.
In the evening, a mixed-use meeting was held. Metropolitan Municipality, 5 formally brought to the table proposals. Bursa Chamber of Private Bus Coaches was pleased to meet around the same table on the grounds of solution, but the agreement did not come out.
A consensus was reached for reuniting today. The Special Chamber of Public Bus Service came up against a surprise offer. On the grounds of full solution, the new tram line in the city was offered to be undertaken together with the operation.
We will comply with LAWS
The construction and operation of the tram line 'T 1', which is planned and constructed as Atatürk Street - İnönü Street - Kent Square - Darmstadt Street - Altıparmak Street, was requested. The room management stated that they were not in an illegal way.

Source: Bursa Domination

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