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Defective metrobus revolts passengers

The malfunctioning metrobus in Mecidiyeköy revolted the passengers waiting at the stop. Hundreds of passengers had to walk on the metrobus road due to the broken down vehicle. Metrobus services were interrupted. Metrobus, which makes the Zincirlikuyu- Avcılar expedition, starts at 01.00:XNUMX. [more…]

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Atatürk Wagon and Railways

Atatürk used to go everywhere by train, except for the port cities he reached by sea. The service wagon no. 2, which he used in his long country trips by rail, became insufficient in time, and in 1935 he was in Germany (Breslau). [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul Rail Systems

Istanbul Rail Systems in Your Pocket In Istanbul, one of the cities that uses technology best in the world, metro transportation information has entered smart phones. The Metroistanbul application, which was implemented to facilitate the life of Istanbul residents, [more…]