BURULAŞ Provides Training for Private Public Bus Drivers

BURULAŞ Training for Private Public Bus Drivers: It is aimed to improve the service quality of public transportation vehicles by training buses to private public bus drivers that are started with the cooperation of BURULAŞ and Bursa Chamber of Private Public Bus Service.

Trainings are continuing for five days a week in order to improve the quality of service and to provide common standards for private public buses which have an important place in Bursa city public transportation. In the trainings provided by Uğur Koç, the Public Transport Training Specialist, topics such as Image Management, Communication with Passengers and Behavior, Traffic Anger and Stress Management, Public Transport Rules, Work and Social Life Balance are discussed in an interactive manner. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Municipal Police Department and Bursa Traffic Provincial Directorate also support the trainings.

Pointing out that the Private Public Bus drivers working under difficult conditions are still open and eager for education, Public Transport Education Specialist Uğur Koç said, "First of all, we need to change the appearance and cleanliness of your vehicles, the first impression and attitude of your drivers."

Sadi Eren, President of Bursa Chamber of Private Public Bus Service, emphasized that they give importance to education and they aim to increase passenger satisfaction through continuing education.

BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy also stated that it is important to set off with trained employees everywhere, the public relations with the Special Chamber of Public Busers, it was important in this sense to organize the standard training.

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