06 Ankara

Nostalgic Steam Train Placed in Sincan Station Park

A nostalgic steam train was placed in the Station Park in Ankara's Sincan district. The nostalgic train, whose restoration has been completed, was opened to the visit of the people of Xinjiang at Istasyon Park. The Station, which is prepared as a living space where citizens can relax and have a good time. [more…]

Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Stations Times and Routes
34 Istanbul

Haliç Metro Bridge Final State and Aerial View

When the construction of Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge, one of the most important stages of Istanbul Metro, which is one of the biggest investments of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is completed, the passengers taking the subway from Hacıosman will reach the Yenikapı transfer station without interruption. Here [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus drivers live fearless moments

Metrobus drivers are experiencing fear-filled moments Metrobus drivers are experiencing fear-filled moments. When some of the passengers thought about the steering wheel, the drivers were amazed at what to do. Not only passengers, but also drivers in Metrobus are experiencing difficulties. One [more…]

mobese images denied the news that metrobuses had not passed in minutes
34 Istanbul

Minibus Entered Metrobus Way

D-100 Highway Bahçelievler out of control on the life ramp minibus, metrobus entered the road. Over the barriers, the minibus hit the cruise. 3 people injured in the accident in the minibus, minor damage to the metrobus [more…]

16 Bursa

BUDO Tickets Available

The tickets of BUDO, which will start to carry passengers with two reciprocal flights from Bursa and Istanbul, are on sale today both online and at the determined Bursaray box offices. Intense demand from citizens of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

35 Izmir

Balçova Cable Car Facilities to be Renewed

Balçova Cable Car Facilities to be Renovated Balçova Cable Car facilities pillaged, metropolitan officials announced the start of the renewal after the end of the tender. 5, which has turned the cable car facilities in Balçova into a snake story, is a social [more…]