46 Sweden

He had an accident with the train he stole!

A cleaner in Sweden crashed with the train she stole. Police sözcüAs Lars Bystrom reports, the female cleaner had stolen the train from an empty warehouse early in the morning and drove it to a suburb of the capital, Stockholm, where it derailed. [more…]

Intercity Railways

TULOMSAS has produced locomotives for the world's giant

The powerhaul locomotive customer-supplier promotional meeting, which was produced with the strategic cooperation agreement of General Electric and Turkey Locomotive and Motor Industry AŞ TÜLOMSAŞ, was held in Eskişehir. Hayri Avcı, General Manager of TÜLOMSAŞ, made a speech at the meeting at TÜLOMSAŞ Facilities. [more…]

7 Russia

Train Crash in Russia: 2 Dead

Train Accident in Russia: 2 Dead: 2 people died as a result of the train crashing into a vehicle in Kabardino-Balkaria, one of the North Caucasus republics of Russia. In the accident that occurred in the Terek city of the region, the driver of the vehicle and [more…]

16 Bursa

Trolley wagons 6 Million Euro

Brand city Bursaya 6 Million Euros scrap wagons AKP's Metropolitan Municipality says they will make Bursa a “brand city,, boasting of local tram production, but TMMOB's report on the Bursaray metro project [more…]


Cable car testament | Trabzon

The testament to the cable car DERNEKPAZARI retired teacher Eyüp Güney, a resident of the Central Neighborhood, has been suffering from a road hit for years. Güney said that his children and grandchildren were not interested in the problem and said, “The other day, a funeral [more…]


Where are We at High Speed ​​Train Projects

Where Are We in High Speed ​​​​Train Projects Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Isparta Provincial Representative President Hasan AkılAt the press conference he held, he criticized the fact that the high-speed train project was not included in the agenda in Isparta. Smart said, “It is not on the agenda of Isparta, but it is necessary. [more…]

61 Trabzon

My rome move with cable car | Trabzon

My Naım also move to the cable car DERNEKPAZARI Central Quarter retired teacher Eyüp Güney residents, for years, the house is experiencing the trouble of hitting a road. Güney said that his children and grandchildren were not interested in the problem. [more…]