34 Istanbul

Good news for those who use BRT!

IETT launched a fragrance application on buses operating on the metrobus line, where the number of daily trips exceeds 750. Metrobus in the air blowing points placed in mixed and flavored pleasant odors will not disturb the passengers at the dose of the vehicle [more…]

binali yildirim
07 Antalya

Between Antalya and Konya YHT in 2023

Yahya Baş, Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that their ministry is the most invested ministry of the AK Party government, which has been in power for years. Head, held at the AK Party Antalya Provincial Presidency [more…]

385 Croatia

Tramway accident in Croatia's capital Zagreb

Tram accident in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia: Two trams collided in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, 19 passengers were injured. In the Croatian capital Zagreb, 19 passengers were injured as a result of the collision of two trams. Obtained from Zagreb Electronic Rail Lines Administration (ZET) [more…]


Kütahya will meet YHT in 2017

Kütahya Deputy Hasan Fehmi Kinay, who will get the Kütahya YHT line in 2017, said that the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) line works will start in 2014 and that Kütahya will have a high speed train in 2017, Kütahya Deputy Hasan Fehmi Kinay, [more…]

994 Azerbaijan

99 percent of Kars-Baku-Tbilisi railway project is completed

99 percent of the Kars-Baku-Tbilisi railway project has been completed. The line, which will be opened for transportation this year, will be able to carry 1 million passengers per year. The Kars-Baku-Tbilisi railway line, which will connect the railway networks of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, is coming to an end. 99 percent [more…]