Old Model Trains to Söke Should Be Renewed

Süleyman Toyran, Chairman of the Söke Chamber of Commerce, noted that the old model trains traveling to Söke should be renewed.
Toyran, said in a statement to journalists, said they had written requests on the subject.
Pointing out that the only train station that 1959 trains run in Aydın is Söke Station, Toyran said, “Söke railway line has been made suitable for railroads called high speed trains. However, during the 4-year period, 1959 model trains were not renewed. Railways to Denizli, Nazilli, Aydın, Ortaklar and İzmir are working. We wrote articles to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and State Railways to modernize the trains running to Söke. However, we have not received a response so far, ”he said.

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