Antalya Rail System Line 60 Will Be On Mileage

Antalya Rail System Line 60 Mileage will be: Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, 2'den stage of the rail system line for vehicles to run 39 million Euro borrowing authority discussed in the Assembly, while 2'den phase construction, the 3'start work began, stating Sistem Antalya ”A rail system network near the 60 mileage will be put into service in a few years. '
For the purchase of the 18 vehicle and the pedestrian overpasses to work on the 2 kilometer 18 phase 1 rail system line, which is under construction in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication and the Metropolitan Municipality, the Metropolitan Municipality borrowed 39 million Euros for use from the Islamic Development Bank.
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel on the agenda discussed in the second session of the Assembly of January, the Square will be taken to the EXPO 2016 Antalya fair area in Aksu vehicles will be taken by the Metropolitan Municipality, he said. In addition, the project's pedestrian overpass as well as missing the transfer of the necessary to transfer the Türel, the feasibility studies in the line with the commissioning of the nature to pay their own debt, he said.
Antalya 1 noted that the principal payment of the loan used for the first stage rail system line started as of 2014, said Türel.
Iyor Hat, ticket and other revenues can pay the debt with interest and principal. In the feasibility reports of the 2 phase rail system line, we can see that the debt in question can be paid with revenues when the system enters the plant. However, the 3 third stage rail system studies continue. This week we held a long working meeting. The 3 stage starts at the old Varsak town hall and ends at the Training and Research Hospital on Dumlupınar Boulevard, the bus terminal via Sakarya Boulevard. However, this week in the work we did before the Kepez Municipality Karacaoğlan Street from the Atatürk State Hospital to be connected to the agenda came. In this way, a rail system network close to 60 kilometers will be put into service in Antalya for a few years. Bö
With the new structures will line Antalya Museum- old slaughterhouse among employees nostalgia tram to the Training and Research Hospital and the direction opposite to the Square stop extension of planning to transfer Turel, "after Istanbul longest rail line in Turkey Antalya will be put into service," he said.
Providing information about the use of loans to the Assembly of Metropolitan Municipality Finance Mehmet Urcu the Islamic Development Bank through the Iller Bank to be used as external financing, he said. The loan is the first 5 year non-repayable 20 year-term transfer Urcu, esiz 37 the cost of the loan. This is the most appropriate financing model available at present. It is a model of financing that is completely compatible with the spirit of this investment. Tamamen
Following the statements, the CHP group used the rejection vote while the borrowing authority passed the votes of Ak Parti and MHP.
Antalya 2 stage rail system line, which is under construction, is being implemented under the partnership of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication and Metropolitan Municipality. The Ministry will take the vehicles that will work at the Metropolitan line even while undertaking the construction of the line ending at the EXPO 2016 fair area in Aksu, which is connected to Antalya Airport. 18 kilometers line 259 million 498 thousand pounds in the tender while the Metropolitan Municipality of the 18 25 the tender for the vehicle was held in August. 2 won the tender which was awarded by Hyundai Eurotem Railway Vehicles with TCDD's 15 subsidiary. Metropolitan, the company 28 September 2015 29 million 428 thousand 470 Euro signed a contract. In the contract, 9 was specified as 8 February 2017 and 6 as the start date. According to this, the company will deliver 2 vehicles in the 2017 monthly process, which will pass until April, when EXPO will start. The 18 vehicle will be delivered until February XNUMX.


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