CHP's Gürer: "Security on Rails is Entrusted to Smart Phone!"


After the train crash, where 24 lost its lives in the last July of the year in Çorlu due to the destruction of excessive rains on the tracks, the TCDD solution was found to give the mechanics the task of monitoring the meteorology.

CHP Niğde deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, TCDD'nin the relevant units by sending instructions to the chief mechanics to learn the weather from the smartphone Google Play Store applications, and from the Whatsapp Group to instruct the mechanics to deliver criticized. Gürer, mez DDY was reduced to what he did not know. With the liberalization of the institution's structural problems came out. There is a rail, the understanding of those who are going on the train made DDY problematic. The institution is wrong if it intends to overcome problems with subcontractors, staff, precarious workmanship and unquestionable approach without monitoring human savings and technological innovations. Likewise, the company was divided into infrastructure and transportation. First of all, it is necessary to abandon the conception of privatization. The imposition of the practice, which has not been tried before in Europe, in our country, will create more problems. Some items save money. The last train accident is a reflection of the situation in which the corporate structure has fallen. The fact that the scissor said im I did not receive education im indicates the grave situation of the institution. The General Director of TCDD was talking about tracing both the pioneer train and the camera for the High Speed ​​Train. What happened to that tracking? It is tragicomical to say to mechanists that tra watch the weather from metrology Mak. It should be returned to the institutional and structural world of FDI by renewing the technology. Or we have a lot of trouble with this head. Machinistlerle reaches us, "7,5 hours instead of 15 hours run, can not listen," they say. Staff problems. They want to be a civil servant, they are not very happy with the terms and conditions of work, Mem he said.


Omer Fethi Gürer, deputy CHP deputy, as TCDD'da workplace supervisors and chief technicians from the Google Play Store application of the smart phone will enter the web site of the General Directorate of Meteorology. Meteorology and weather application will be downloaded from this site and 'Alerts' section of the machine boundaries within the boundaries of the mechanics to be monitored to follow the weather. With the saving of human, the institution can not be done smoothly, the instructions sent to the workshops and warehouse managers and warehouse chiefs are followed by excessive rainfall conditions from the relevant website and the information about the whatsapp group is asked to be given to the machinists and the mechanic personnel will take maximum precautions and care taking into account these warnings an.


Ömer Fethi Gürer, ece TCDD should see that the problems cannot be overcome without making a return to the corporate identity and the problems will not end without giving up the liberalization. 24 citizens lost their lives in July, the last month of the 8 tragic deaths of our citizens, which is also clear from the train crashes, TCDD unfortunately did not learn lessons from these accidents, Temmuz he said.


CHP Niğde deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer pointed out that the institutional structure changed in TCDD brought about accidents and negativities, and said, T The institution should be restored to its former identity. Due to the lack of personnel, the stations were closed and some stations were rendered serviceable at certain stations. The personnel structure has been reduced by not recruiting new personnel. In this way, it is thought that the expense will be reduced and this has a negative impact on the functioning of the institution. Significant problems with the provision of public services, such as subcontracting and service procurement, have raised problems, with the fact that the 20 section of the main lines are not capable of making the passenger train operational. The lands are disposed without considering their needs. The government is trying to exaggerate what TCDD is doing and tries to make it out of sight. Out of regeneration, still more mainstream lines work at ninety one-line transportation. No progress has been made other than maintaining high-speed train lines. High Speed ​​Train projects, which have been spoken for many years, could not be put down and put into practice. Even Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line is completed even before the flight continues. The train crash at the beginning is also in mind. The fact that the 230 km trains between Istanbul and Ankara, and 70 at some point, is an indicator of how the road is put into service. In addition, the Express Passenger Train, Blue Train and Raybulus flights, which were operated in different regions for years, were removed on some lines Ayrıca.


Ömer Fethi Gürer, CHP MP, stated that they had problems in investments and projects and that the billions of projects were wasted. G 16 has done great damage to the public by the unregistered, unskilled practices of the AKP governments. Expropriation problems in FDI, comprehensive changes in investment projects, and cost increases are also included in the reports of the KIT TCA. Moreover, the increase in the number of cases related to the institution has made the institution quite problematic. The fact that almost two thousand lodgings in the institution are empty and that they are destroyed in some regions is a different indicator of structural transformation in the institution. Garage managers, teller officers, department chiefs, road sergeants, dispatchers, warehouse chiefs at the station are no longer in the HNV. Function and identity as a name, but in the case of an evacuated institution.


CHP Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, State Railways Vocational High Schools need to be maintained and in this way it will be a proper application of training personnel to the institution, stating, There should be an arrangement that will extend to the railway vocational high schools and even a few universities in engineering education. it also affected the income of the institution seriously. What is thoughtful is that the Port of Mersin was transferred from Singapore to a public institution. Singapore, the state-owned organization come and run from there, why we can not? Or he said.

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