Elazığ Light Rail System

Ülkü Tek Elazığ Branch President Ferruh Bostancı said that a modern transportation system, namely the Light Rail System, which will facilitate public transportation in Elazig and bring about the congestion of urban traffic, should be implemented.
Ülkücü Technical Staff Association (Ülkü-Tek) 10 Personnel team formed within Elazığ Branch continues to produce projects that will solve the problems of the city. On the previous day, the Ülkü Tek delegation, which brought the project to the agenda to eliminate the water problem of the city by creating underground dams, has now prepared an important project that will bring a radical solution to the traffic problem of the city.
Ülkü Tek Elazığ Branch President Ferruh Bostancı said in a statement that the traffic problem of the city will be eliminated with the Light Rail System to be established in Elazig.
Bostancı said that the tram system with examples in some countries around the world and in some cities in Turkey should be established as soon as possible in Elazığ. Örnek Why shouldn't such modern projects be in Elazığ? But it will. Even if not now, this will be a necessity in the coming years and will be forced to do. Şimdi
Geology, architect, map engineers and the technical team consisting of social and cultural experts prepared for the Elazığ rail transport project information about the President of the Association Ferruh Bostanci, the system that is paying off itself in a short time can be done with the build-transfer model said.
100 6-10 million dollars per kilometer, the cost of bridges 10-15 million dollars, the cost of underground 25 million dollars cost of underground, said that the most suitable system for Elazig above ground rail system, XNUMX said.
17.00 auto, 18.00 minibus, 780 bus 114 motorcycle, 42 bike, 18 truck, 8 motorcycle, 8 minibus, 1110 minibus, 146 bus, 86 minibus, 60 bus, 18 bike, 80 bike, XNUMX truck, XNUMX XNUMX between XNUMX and XNUMX Bostanci, indicating that the density of light rail transportation system is expressed in this face.
Giving information about the details of the project, Bostanci said:
"It will reduce the density in the city center"
Indir According to the latest census, the population of Elazığ city center is 320. In addition, there are almost a thousand vehicles in the city. Their 70 bini cars. 40 with more than a thousand people in the city center.
Elazig city, Gazi Street, Hurriyet Street after the center of the weight of the city is located on the Zübeyde Hanim Street. All social buildings, banks, government offices are located on this 3 km. In Elazığ, people take a ride in Ulukent, Hilalkent, Abdulllahpaşa in the morning and show a flow from the city center. In the evening, they show a reverse flow. People are taking all their modern needs on Gazi Street. Therefore, a very serious people and vehicle density on Gazi Street is formed. This density causes noise pollution, fuel cost, environmental pollution and some negativity. We aim to eliminate these disadvantages, and Turkey in an application made in many modern cities in the world we want to discuss in Elazığ. "
”Project is composed of 3 stage“
. According to the project of our technical team, we want to establish a rail transportation system consisting of 3 stage in Elazığ. This project in the first stage between the Army House and Çayda Çıra, in the second stage Çıra and Hilalkent Çukur in the third stage Doğukent and the Army House can be applied. In the short term, we plan to move the other two stages to the long-term rail system, ie the light transportation, the public transport system. We are building their infrastructure. There are several reasons why these areas are chosen in the rail system. According to our statistics, the region with the highest concentration of vehicles and human traffic during the day is the region between the Army House and Çaydaçıra. In addition, this region, all the main axis of the city on its own. In addition, this site has a suitable ground for public transport. It has a slope of approximately zero (0). One of the least affected by the fault lines in the city is one of the places. De
In Advantages of the project “
Önemli One of the most important advantages of public transportation systems is not being connected to gasoline. Trams work electrically. We work with the energy we produce. Trams also do not give any harm to the environment like smoke, exhaust, sulfur. Transportation with this system is very safe. Each rail system has security staff, there are auxiliary staff. Trams are not affected by negative weather. In short, this system has many advantages. This system in Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, Eskisehir, Izmir and Kayseri provinces is used in some cities also created the infrastructure for this project. This system is very important in terms of security, in terms of economy, and in terms of its benefits to the environment. This is an alternative in the solution of urban traffic. Of course, this project is not a project to be done. The public needs to be seriously discussed. An advantage of the part we propose is that; We want to install a light rail transport system parallel to the ground. We suggest a system where we can use as a bus stop, with the 4 and 10 meters with 600 and 1200 meters with XNUMX.
In Cost of the project “
Büyük The biggest advantage in using this street is the lack of expropriation costs. Because if you expropriate an area of ​​4-5 km within the city, it will amount to a very substantial amount. But it is more advantageous if you use your current path. This is a serious project. It is a high cost but recycled project. The usage time is also long. 100 is available throughout the year. The route we call the first stage is about 4 km. The above ground cost of this route is between 6-10 Million Dollars per km. However, this cost pays for itself within 3 years after the project is implemented. This project is not only required by the municipality. The project can be implemented with the build-operate-transfer model. Examples of this are also available Bun

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