Turkey Meets High-speed train


Turkey's two largest cities of Ankara and Istanbul, are constantly evolving urban population and migration area. Due to the fact that one is the capital city and the other one is trade and industrial city, the demand for transportation in parallel with the development in economy, industry and trade is constantly increasing.

Until 2003 investments were made mainly on highways, the competition chance of the railway had decreased considerably. After the High Speed ​​Train project is completed, the travel time of 7 hours will be reduced to 3 hours. With the reduced travel time, a comfortable and safe transportation opportunity will be created and the share of the railway will be increased. The passenger share of the railways will increase from 10 to 78. When the project is completed, all travel plans of those traveling between Ankara and Istanbul will change, and there will be a decrease in the use of cars and aircraft. It will be integrated with the esi Marmaray Project ', which is one of the world's leading projects combining the continents of Asia and Europe under the sea, and will be able to transport passengers from Europe to Asia continuously.

… Ankara and Istanbul are now closer together ve ve

It will be possible to go from Ankara to the center of Europe without getting off the train. The cities within the 300 km diameter will increase because of the economic, social and cultural interaction between the cities. Turkey and Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project will take its place among the privileged country with a high-speed train technology.

Highway takes market share

In terms of travel time, from the center to the center, the airline, which has been advantageous until the past years, has lost a significant portion of its passenger potential due to the high cost of tickets and the fact that the railway is not able to make technological investments, cannot reduce travel time and cannot improve comfort. The bus (bus) operation, which adapts to the passenger tendencies in a shorter time, turned a large part of its market share in its favor.

As a result of the investments made on highways, the highway travel time between Ankara and Istanbul was reduced to 6 hours and 5 hours in non-stop bus operation. With the launch of the Bolu Tunnel completed within the scope of the motorway works, the 5-6 hour travel time of the bus operation was shortened by approximately 1 hours.

High-speed rail increases the competitiveness of the railway

Air travel time is approximately 3 and 4,5 hours between Ankara and Istanbul. On the railway, the travel time on this route is currently 7 hours and the travel time will be reduced to 4 itibar 4,5 hours after completion of Ankara-Eskişehir section of Ankara-İstanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, 2. The total travel time will be reduced to 3 hours by the end of the year. The current line between Ankara and Istanbul is 576 km. After the High Speed ​​Train Project is completed, the railway which is constructed in accordance with 250 km / h speed, will be reduced to 533 km between two major cities.

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