Crazy Projects of Ottoman Empire Yıldız Palace Bahçeside Railway Project

Crazy Projects of Ottoman Empire Yıldız Palace Bahçeside Railway Project
Did you know that a railway project has been prepared to provide transportation within the Stars Palace?
Area II. It is known that it was first used as a hunting ground in the period of Kanuni before Abdulhamid settled in Yıldız Palace. III. Construction activities begin from the Selim period. II. Abdulhamid, on the other hand, forms a closed complex outside the Yildiz Gardens, dominated by a large and organic settlement.
II. During the reign of Abdul Hamid, the complex consisted of pavilions, pavilions, Yildiz Mosque, theater, maragozhane, pharmacy, stables, repair shop, kilithane, porcelain factory, china workshop, library, armory and service structures, but these buildings spread over a wide area.
In Hasbahçe, a zoo and a lemon holder were built. However, in this closed complex with a population of 12.000 people, there was no excursion, cruise or gathering area. A plan was prepared to provide transportation between disconnected building units. Accordingly, the Garden would be expanded towards the Bosphorus and the Great Mabeyn, Tent, Malta and Şale pavilions would be interconnected by a railway approximately 2 kilometers long. The railway would also connect Ertuğrul and Orhaniye barracks.
In the garden expanding towards Çırağan Palace, it was envisaged to build a large pool with a small-scale island in front of the Tent Pavilion, a waterfall that cascades towards the valley between the two slopes and two small pools to the north of the Malta Pavillion. The pool to be built in front of the Tent Pavilion would pass through a rail system bridge. The building, called the “Big Bridge”, would be carried by 17 arches.

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